The Problem with Black Lives Matter

24 Jun 2020 01:29 - 24 Jun 2020 01:29 #352985 by Adder
Interesting questions Kobos, I only have thoughts on one of 'em.

Kobos wrote: 4. What are your (everyone) thoughts on Critical Race Theory?

It seems very US-centric. Discrimination is a function of power, not race. Where we are in the evolution of societies is that nations hold power, and nations were formed usually of a single race. But IMO to associate race to power universally would be wrong, and instead it would be more useful to associate power to power :silly: So in defining power you generally have the question of how most accurately to define the group which holds the tools of power. It need not be race. In some countries it's by birth (families), in some it's religion, in some it's ethnicity, in some it's class.

That said, the focus on it promises some insight to the mechanisms of discrimination more widely, so I'm interested in that regard about hearing more about it.

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24 Jun 2020 11:29 #352998 by Kobos

Thank you that was an insightful response. I tend to agree, I personally tend to see through the class based issues, however, I will not deny here in the US there is for sure a racial component. It happens to be that this racial component was institutionalized.

For example, public housing in many cities was only available if a working age male was not present in the household. Personally when I look at one of the major reasons the black family dynamic declined in the 1960's through the 2000's (there is a great program on the Purritt Housing projects in St. Louis, MO that explains this law well). Now this was also true for other races however, the effect was much more pronounced in the black community due to already established generational poverty.

That said at this point where we have (in the US) made reforms targeting this issue, whether they have been successful is the still out for verdict. Though stats have in shown that in many ways the path to success for the black community has opened quite a bit in the last 50 years. Yet, the chance for those in generational poverty to step above that poverty is still about the same (rare but possible). Again this effects the black community because of above like policy.

Just some thoughts, thanks for the reply.

Much Love, Respect and Peace,

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25 Jun 2020 20:50 #353021 by Carlos.Martinez3
In living in this world - I’m watching - always watching. Some times I take notes in form of joirnals.

When people reach a point - when things reach moments of unclarity or unbalance - it’s almost always beneficial to every one attached - to grow or change.

I know the representatives of my local Black Lives Matter group. We know them by name. These are not the people who are getting in trouble or even in the spot light here in North Carolina. The exact opposite is their efforts. It’s not as clear in some places. Some lines are painfully unclear.

Every time things grow out of necessity - there are almost always things left behind.

Time to grow. We are hurting each other cuz we don’t know who’s who - all sides.

Just saying ...
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29 Jun 2020 15:26 #353081 by FTPC
This has gone too far

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