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Ways to experience an alien invasion

21 Mar 2019 22:33 - 22 Mar 2019 00:43 #336068 by Adder
Its just how I work my Jedi path. I happen to call that part cognitive engineering, and is the working of energy allocation to areas of focus to enable better mental outcomes. Lots of meditation affords a capacity to connect to ones energies more broadly and effectively, which is the basis for this.

I can though understand how 'cognitive engineering' might appear like cognitive bias to someone who doesn't do it or disagrees.... but attacking someones efforts as nonsense etc to answer questions on a post about cognitive engineering (because it was a good topic to apply it) by trying to explain cognitive engineering is quite literally attacking my Jedi path by trying to insult. FYI .

After all, viewing a topic in terms of my Jedi path is pretty normal for me in a Jedi forum.

In contrast something like constructive criticism is always an option when coming from a place of genuine interest if you disagree. But not understanding of something is no foundation to criticize something, and it likely says as much about ones inability to comprehend as it does about any failure of explanations - for if one was to both understood and see how it was flawed, then they'd be in a position to offer that constructive criticism rather then resort to attacks or meme trolling.

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