The Force powers as we know them

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forceuser wrote: You've got me there my English is terrible even my mother had a hard time understanding me. In my college days I had a professor tell me I needed to take English as a second language.
Since most of you seem like you're on the road to becoming a jedi or self aware.
I had a man tell me" you have 2 ears and one mouth you're supposed to listen twice as much as you speak. " and of course by now you can tell I'm old school my mother always told us if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything.
Your words trouble me because they don't have compassion understanding or even the Desire to learn from others.
My grandfather taught me your word is your bond.
I try not to exaggerate or embellish .
I'm going to tell you a little about myself not to brag just to show you I'm not a kid who needs
To feel important while telling the world they're wrong.
I have received diplomas and certificates in automotive mechanics, I've been in the military, repelled and jumped out of planes something I thought was important at the time. I don't know how I graduated the sheriff's Academy when I could barely spell Write a report, they must have felt sorry for me. I received a general contractor's license and also a realestate license. I have built hundreds and hundreds of homes and personally bought Around a 100.
I don't need your approval. Like you my whole life I was trained to believe the force and its use was impossible and things movies were made of. Not trying to convince you . My only proof would be A doctor who travels the world preaching ,and an a handful or so of eyewitnesses. I know that's not scientific proof.
All I can say is all those things you've seen the jedi do In a fictional movie . Plus more can and have been done in Real life.
May you all be with the force.

What state do you live in? If you can do such things as you say, then i will gladly fly or take a bus to come and meet you. Im saying this in front of everyone. I will go to where you are and if you can really do any of these things i will 100% be on Team forceuser, forever. I promise you that the real actual truth is important enough to me that im seriously willing to do this and willing to be honest about what i see. If its true that humans have the potential to do these things then seeing that with my own eyes is worth the effort it takes to know it and the resistance id get defending it. If you really have these abilities and you can do them so i can see them, i will be HONORED to keep preaching the message in spite of all the scorn and criticism in the world.

What state do you live in?

People are complicated.
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03 Dec 2019 02:21 - 03 Dec 2019 02:29 #346632 by OB1Shinobi
Also to forceuser:

Hey but look, since you said you were taught that your word is your bond (which means you must be telling the truth) and since youve gone to a fair bit of effort to convince us that you can do these things, how about before i buy a plane ticket and book a hotel, you do just a tiny bit more effort and record a video on your phone of you moving objects or doing some kind of Jedi powers. You can upload it as a private video on youtube and post a link to it so we can see it? Could you do that? Its not difficult to record video on your phone or to upload videos on to youtube. Could you record yourself doing something awesome and then share that video with us? I mean honestly, youll make way more of an impact with one video than you will with 100 posts. Just make a video where you do some Jedi Force stuff and say so the camera records you saying that youre doing it for TOTJO. Man, youd make a difference if you did this!

People are complicated.
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03 Dec 2019 02:38 - 03 Dec 2019 02:42 #346633 by Rex

forceuser wrote: Looks like we shall truly never know even if the government had 8 men and one woman in a Room doing testing Someone.
Who's to believe them they can easily type something on a computer screen.

You realize foia wasn't around at that point, so there was no motivation to lie

Edit: unless you're referring to Stargate which was shut down quickly and fully declassified shortly after. You've got to be an Olympic mental gymnast to figure out why that means conspiracy

Or static shock in the testing equipment so now the data is flawed.

That's not how things work, and if you knew anything about instrumentation/electronics you would know how ludicrous this sounds

That's ridiculous no government would spend millions of dollars on testing something they knew was against what they believed and scientific fact..
Can you imagine what would happen if someone were to raise an Apple off a table with their mind it would cause chaos because then the laws of gravity would only be a theory.

The government spends tons of money, and neither the US nor Russia currently spend any money on psychics et al.

On to more important things. The real Star Wars movie comes out in a few weeks.

You can't just try to deflect attention to something else when you're caught without a knowledgeable answer

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03 Dec 2019 10:33 #346647 by Gisteron

forceuser wrote: That's ridiculous no government would spend millions of dollars on testing something they knew was against what they believed and scientific fact..

Well, various governments are offering immense funds on research in general. If it turns out that things believed to be fact at one point really aren't, so be it. Better be wrong at one point at correct at another than wrong all of the time and never find out. That being said, though, nobody is claiming that any government spent millions of dollars on testing something they accepted to be factual. Call me old-fashioned, but I for one find it far more likely that a few key career politicians and warriors sincerely believed in woo-woo and went on a mission to try and exploit it for their needs, than that all of physics as we knew them even just a century ago is completely false and some perfectly trustworthy and not desperate war actors found out and then swiftly managed to make their discovery a secret again to which the same people that make sense of particle dynamics and galaxy formations are somehow completely oblivious to ever since their demise and until today.
Also who exactly is ensuring the politicians' scientific credentials or literacy again? Is it the voting public? The same voting public of which a third takes young earth creationism seriously and almost half of which denies climate science?

Can you imagine what would happen if someone were to raise an Apple off a table with their mind...

Let's talk about it when we have any reason to think that it could or did happen. Imagination isn't exactly something we struggle much with, and while I appreciate it's social importance, when it comes to assessing what actually goes on in the world, I prefer sticking to what we can actually observe.

it would cause chaos because then the laws of gravity would only be a theory.

There are multiple theories of gravity (two particularly useful ones), each with their own various laws. Why an occurrence that might seem to violate them all would cause chaos, I'm not sure. Please, explain.

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03 Dec 2019 19:36 #346669 by J. K. Barger
It's funny, I just came across those transcripts of the US Government Remote viewing stuff; what a co-inky-dink.

What are your thoughts on that Gisteron?

The Force is with you, always.
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03 Dec 2019 21:47 #346676 by Gisteron
On that you came across them at right about the same time as they were mentioned in this thread? Hmm, I don't know. Could well be a coincidence. I mean, think of the possibly thousands of things that come up as you surf the web without them being discussed here at the same time. Or the things that come up here but not elsewhere in your feed. Those don't seem important, do they... Maybe there is more to it. I have insufficient information to say either way.

If you mean the content of the transcripts, feel free to link any in particular.
The one uploaded by Malicious and attached to post #346618 seems either incomplete or deliberately sparse. It looks like some meetings took place, maybe even some studies, but no procedures or results are described in the document itself. There is almost nothing in there for me to even comment on, really. Needless to say I don't think it underwent any peer review elsewhere either. Aside from the in part vague definitions and in part references to undefined terms, the only substantive content - and incidentally also the only place where the document has complete sentences at all is the summary. There it says that remote viewing should not stand alone and also that it can be used "in conjunction with" other intelligence sources. In other words, it is treated as a source that's only really any good if there are others corroborating it, but not on its own. I don't know how they could have expressed its redundancy/uselessness in any more generous, more charitable terms than that.

As for the fact that any time was (allegedly) wasted investigating psychic powers in the first place, that's fair enough. I don't think of that as much of an argument on substance anyway. And as I in my last post, I don't think that high political or military/intelligence offices come with or require either scientific literacy in particular, or even critical thinking more broadly.

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03 Dec 2019 23:20 - 03 Dec 2019 23:24 #346679 by Adder
Intelligence analysts are all about critical thinking. Intelligence collectors though tend to be a bit more specialised to the skills required to collect. But the quality of the product enables its analysis, so knowing what is useful and not tends to help probably. Quality control needs measures of control in collection, and from memory that is where those agencies fell short.

In regards to why....... it was the Cold War, no side wants the other to have an advantage - but research costs valuable resources so we'll never know if it was chasing deception or chasing potential genuine research (at the higher levels). No doubt it would be likely those involved at the lower levels in doing it believed it, as its a higher quality deception for them to. But, it might have been legit, and I ended up with the same sort of results in some areas of it with my dodgy attempts.

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04 Dec 2019 07:00 #346707 by Gisteron
The reason I specified high offices is exactly this. I don't think that a significant fraction of the analysts and researchers were thinking to themselves "Oh, of course, magical powers the reports of which contradict each other more often than not, if they are each even being coherent at all, contradict almost everything we know about how nature works, known to be sold by charlatans, and elsewise indicated by exactly nothing - yea, totally legit!". I think it was more of a case of some higher ups thinking along the lines of "Oh, and you say we can beat the Russians with it? Shut up and take my money!"
Both scenarios are technically possible, and both are odd, too, but both seem (to me) vastly more plausible than the idea that yes, as a matter of fact, everything we think we know about nature is completely incorrect after all.

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