Can gift giving be selfish?

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04 Dec 2019 11:03 #346715 by Alexthecounsil
Replied by Alexthecounsil on topic Can gift giving be selfish?
In your case, I don't really think, that gift giving is something selfish. But once in my life I had such a situation. It is connected with me and my children.
I have 2 sons and I really like give them different gifts, because I'm happy when see they are happy. One day I was surfing the internet, looking for something interesting and fun, like darts, board games or even ping-pong table, you know. I saw an advertising with foosball tables in google and from that time I fell in love with the idea of purchasing one of these tables. As it is Christmas soon, I decided to make this purchase as a gift for my children. But I knew my wife won't be happy with this idea. So, I've found a source named Best Foosball Tables for Kids , showed it to her...and we ordered one of these foosball table. I know, it isn't completely selfish, because it'll be a good present for my kids, but I know, that I want it more then them and I know, that I'll play it with my mates or together with my sons. Anyway, I immediately wanted to share this story with you, when I saw this thread.

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