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The Grateful Thread

28 May 2020 14:16 #352315 by Zanthan Storm
Replied by Zanthan Storm on topic The Grateful Thread
I am grateful for many things. For those who know/knew me. I tend to wear much on my sleeve. I struggle with some decisions, especially with decisions that affect others that I respect and care for.

So chief among the things I am thankful for is the clarity of mind that I can achieve. This by itself was a blessing, but the support I have from my wife and partner, allows even daunting decisions easily tallied, then dealt with.

A wise friend once told me, that you are only responsible to yourself. I have found that wisdom incomplete. You are responsible to yourself and your people, whomever you choose them to be. As you orbit them, and they orbit you.

Zanthan Storm
AKA Rev. Michael Ziskovsky OCP D.D.

Arch-bishop Abrahamic Rite
Master Knight of Jediism
Founder of Roseville, MN Chapter of TOTJO

3rd Degree Master Mason
Past Master: GM Neaj Pa Bol
Past Apprentices: Sr. Knight Kira, Knight Myos, Doriann

"Let no one thing control your life, seek to be complete and at peace."
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03 Jun 2020 19:36 #352484 by forceuser
Replied by forceuser on topic The Grateful Thread
Being grateful
We should give thanks in all things.
And I guess it's true what we see in others is what is inside of ourselves if we see only the badd we always find the bad and what's wrong in everything around us.
Or if we are consumed with light and love all we see is beauty in things around us the good in people and all the things we're thankful for.

It reminds me of something I read a long time ago about The Vikings who were in a very small boat in the middle of the ocean in a great storm and waves
We're about to kill them and instead of praying to save their lives they only prayed that the Lord would break the clouds just a little bit so they could steer their course by the stars.

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