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13 Jun 2016 13:46 #244800 by Trisskar
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MartaLina wrote:

Jestor wrote:

Trisskar wrote:

Silas Mercury wrote: Thanks for all your replies - but what about having more than one Master ?

Have as many as you like. :) Just don't expect any of the work you do with a Master outside of this temple to count here....its all counted seperate.

Nor what you do here to count outside of here...

Its not that we are all against each other, its that we dont know each other's curriculum, and training....

We are beginning to cross lines with that, but, its been a few years in the making, and will probably be many more before anything official gets recognized, if ever...

Ah well in our hearts we should all stay wee Novices anyway i believe , no matter how high we climb up in rank anywhere , in the end its just vanity ;) a forever student , thats my dream :laugh:

Guess that just depends on your definition for "Master" ;)

And JJ actually does/will give points for out of training studies :-p One day ill have the program ready for trial run XD....One day! XD

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13 Jun 2016 15:04 #244813 by rugadd
I have a Boss, A Shirfu, A Master...

You will not be vilified for more than one obligation or pursuit.

Remember to give some thought to the quality of your Masters...the fruit of their tree and all that....

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06 Sep 2016 23:55 #256182 by NateDuncan26
Replied by NateDuncan26 on topic Training outside of the Temple
In my case I trained myself for four years before i found this site. i haven't found any other site like this one, and now that i am here even though i underwent training for four years i am now at the bottom of the totem pole so to speak. I actually prefer it that way because i only had myself to lean from and now i am going through the basics all over again which is really cool to me. It is all about learning as much as you can wherever that may be.

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09 Sep 2016 09:33 #256500 by JamesSand
I have no formal view on where or how to undertake Jedi training, but I will say on training in general -

It is important for a Student (unless they are particularly bright, and not many of us can make that claim) to finish studying their initial "course", or under their initial "master" (unless their are extenuating circumstances as to why not)

Once they reach, let's call it "journeyman" stage, that is when they can branch out, experience other things, and broaden their knowledge and experience before reaching their own mastery.

So yes, it is possible, some would say essential to train in many ways - but You need to decide (or let your master decide) when you are no longer an "Apprentice" and ready to accept and interpret new ideas.

If you are too confident that you know more than your "master" (or the curriculum if it self-paced), and branch out too early, trying to "learn everything" you will remain a dilettante forever - You may reach a level of satisfaction for your own interests, but I would not promote you as a master, or suggest others approach you for teaching.

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