Is Q a threat to Democracy?

15 Mar 2021 18:44 #359173 by ZealotX
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Is it okay if I point out that I asked this question about Q being a threat to democracy months before Q supporters stormed the capital of the United States?

And there is an interview of a black police officer who was there at the capital who shared his experience, especially confronted by someone holding a Blue Lives Matter flag, including the fact that he played into their argument about the election being stolen and "no one voted for Biden" by saying that HE had voted for Biden and asked if his vote counted.

Their response? "Hey everyone, this N-GGER voted for Biden!" And he was called the N-word by many of the capital terrorists.

So if you combine this with the presence of the confederate flag... xenophobic messaging of the right, we get a clearer picture of what is at the core of this attack on democracy. And as I said before, the secret meaning behind "make America great again".

Yes... many people saw something in that simple message that they believed was good. And yes, many couldn't imagine what could be wrong with that message or why black people would take offense.

But as MAGA has matured and materialized into a force willing to oppose our Democracy how many people will realize that this is what it was all along?

Do you think these people just decided to do something so drastic overnight? Or was this simply already brewing in their brains even before Trump appeared and began talking to them?

And I'm asking this because just because Trump lost... that doesn't mean this threat to democracy has gone away. When Jesus didn't return quickly with their reward, they patiently waited and continued to imagine various signs as indications of his "soon" return. Q followers are basically treating Trump the same way; but not because they are following him, but rather because they perceive him to be following THEIR agenda. And their agenda has not been defeated.
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15 Mar 2021 18:45 #359174 by ZealotX
Replied by ZealotX on topic Is Q a threat to Democracy?
Source: The interview I spoke of is on "Soul of a Nation" ep 1.

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I don't feel like I'm a threat to humanity... tho I'm not the same Q you hear about today. Copycat or legitimate replacement I suppose. I have a itch that's saying there is probably bigger threats than Q.

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