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Don't move.
If you do they will see.
Don't speak.
It only brings you dread.

My home rests atop basalt.
A lake of fire churns outside my window.
The castle walls are solid ice,
I know not how they survive the heat.

Down below in the dungeon,
my heart beats ever slowly, unnoticed.
Above the Child of Thought rests in her bed,
drafting plans of escape.

Here I sit in wait.
Twisted by the Hands of Fate.

* I wrote a similar poem in my teens some (ahem) decades back. This is a reflection of it. I don't feel this way anymore, but it is the first that came to mind. I have been working on letting go of things from that time in my life lately.

Your world view works for you. My world view works for me. We will not change each other's mind today. But we can still show each other the bridge that meets in the middle.
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