Texas Massacre and 214 other mass shootings in 2022

22 Aug 2022 12:13 #369963 by ZealotX

Carlos.Martinez3 wrote: How did they get better gun controll in the old west ?

They formed a union? One that continued to work on legislation to react to changes.

I think a large portion of the political spectrum sees reforms and necessary and a large portion has been scared that reforms will lead to the government taking their guns away.

But you can do both at the same time.

You can protect the rights of gun owners BY restricting others who should not own guns.

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22 Aug 2022 14:29 #369965 by Zanthan Storm
One would have to question on, since you can 3d print weapons, or after a bit of study on the internet, make your own with some equipment. Can the laws be truly enforced and if so, how?

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23 Aug 2022 01:44 - 23 Aug 2022 01:44 #369971 by Adder
Doesn't matter in places with high gun proliferation. Over time it will increase weapon proliferation everywhere I imagine, but many places don't currently have many weapons in circulation. For those areas it's probably just that it is harder for some (ie mentally ill, those without jobs, those already under surveillance) to organize themselves enough to afford and acquire equipment and build comparable quality weapons... compared to simple buying it from a contact. Over here in Aussieville, the Police can be relatively relaxed in normal interactions because the number of weapons in the community is so low that usually it's only organized crime and its feeders that might have them - and they tend not to use them unless its against each other or during the committing of crimes. As a result, there is a big difference between the response from a normal call out compared to one where weapons are suspected. This offset reinforces that gun's aren't really a wise choice to wield (even if available) as they really are not needed for most low level criminal activity. So then even being able to print an effective gun doesn't mean it would be used so much.... but if they were making them and selling them then it might create enough of a footprint that authorities pick up on it. As with most things, its a combination of partial measures and minor effects which together can have a combined different effect. Finding the right balance is the job, so the simple minor measures add up to desired greater effect. If they were everywhere, then they'd instead be a must have, and Police would always have to act as they are likely (which creates a lot of friction and risk of accidental escalation). I can't imagine any country with high weapon proliferation can really go backwards, though, so any laws might be less about stopping people doing it and more about giving authorities the tools to stop the wrong people doing it.

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23 Aug 2022 04:55 #369973 by Rex

Zanthan Storm wrote: One would have to question on, since you can 3d print weapons, or after a bit of study on the internet, make your own with some equipment. Can the laws be truly enforced and if so, how?

Can they physically? Yes. That doesn't mean 100% success rate, but law enforcement can intercept communications including internet over fiber. Also regulating materials/printers could be an easy low-er tech method.

Can they legally in the US? With the same standards as if they think you're fabbing them regularly

How should they is the harder policy question
That's what this all is: policy decisions

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23 Aug 2022 14:19 #369975 by Silenus
I would add to this that it's something of a moot point. Making a firearm with a 3D printer or even on your own at home is already violating federal law if you don't have a license to manufacture firearms.

And yeah, these laws are already enforced. I always feel the need to point out that there's a reason why you see the weapons you see involved in each and every shooting. They're the easiest to get, tend to be pretty cheap, and are widely available.

A frequent counter-argument always seems to be, "But if someone wants to kill someone they'll just use a knife." And my answer to that is always, "How do you not see that as a good thing? If someone has to resort to using a knife, they're 1) significantly easier to stop, and 2) won't murder 50 other bystanders and innocent people.

Just because there are potential loopholes does not mean you should stop attempting to fix things. Future theoretical problems are not an excuse for inaction.
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23 Aug 2022 20:56 #369978 by ZealotX
It is unlikely that any laws would stop all gun violence. But the goal shouldn't be that. The goal should simply be a reduction. By making it harder to get deadly human-killing weapons its not about taking them away from responsible owners but rather making it harder for those who might be mentally or emotionally unstable.
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24 Aug 2022 15:28 #369985 by ZealotX
I think every society has like a general fear meter. We buy more weapons the more that meter goes up. And even though we feel safer (not me personally because I don't own any guns) we still know we're not safe because the same laws allowing us to buy guns also allows criminals and other potential threats to have guns. And sometimes the threat is even a child just playing with one. It's easy to be reactive and say "I need to have guns because they do." But the reality is they're all thinking the exact same thing.
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11 Oct 2022 03:22 #370438 by Whyte Horse
I just watched a very long video of a guy discussing the coincidence of felony arrests and the decline of the family in the US. He doesn't outright say it or connect the dots but the data is unforgiving. Like I really think you might be onto something when you mention incarceration. I mean I lived through the drug war and it was insane how many people went to jail for felonies and then they can never work again unless it's dishwashing or construction. Here's his presentation, I must warn it's very academic and probably very boring but it's one of the dots in the connection

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11 Oct 2022 14:50 - 11 Oct 2022 16:20 #370440 by Carlos.Martinez3
To those who USE their freedoms comes much.


The school board has been ... changed. People were dismissed and RE Elected.

Pete Arredondo has retired, and a NEW Fire Police chief will be serving Uvalde now.
For the sake of this conversation, the last video posted reminds me of what my great- great Grandmother would say "Idle hands are the devil's playthings." I am a Jedi and also share a few paths and ideas among others. The idea for me is that we as humans need things to do. Flat out. Gender neutral for me is the idea of human development. We as humans need things to do or something or someone will employ them. If you do not take responsibility or control of some things, I have found that there is a tendency that they may get done with or without your consent. No one can stop time.

What we can control or learn to do is to find a healthy way to express- anything. When this happens- things can change.

In my own path, it has been the HARDEST thing to rid my mind of violence once it has been there. Violence BURNS and will take time just as much as a real burn takes to heal, if not more. It can be done. You can find healthy ways to do things. Uvalde figured it out. If THEY can, so can we. If it is in the realm of human possibility, it CAN be done.
The link above is for the Uvalde Schools web site and you can link yourself to live debates and meetings and everything. You can donate money there too.

So, the question for those with idle hands is: What of others? Who ARE you? Where are you going? See what I did there? Doctrine and Philosophy are for the human ANYTIME. Or you could idle... Participation is always up to you... Pastor Carlos

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19 Nov 2022 15:37 #370803 by Leor Hal
Guns and violence are a cultural phenomenon, not every country in the world is into guns at all, or its citizens have the feeling that they must protect themself at all costs using weapons. Some countries are war like since thousands of years, actually many in the middle east simply welcome a war openly. The origine of Ramadan was before Islam itself a month of cease fire. Now many people do not want violence in their lives but how to change a whole culture that is based on fear? Because it is the actual problem, fear is the trigger, fear is the path to insanity and darkness.

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