Day of Reflection

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For us , last night was wet. Rain and all. We burn our holiday tree night of the turn of the new year. Way to wet to be outside or even burn anything. We place the old year on the tree and light it up with fire. Usually I’m holding it in hand as a symbol to light the new year way with it. This past year was tough on the family. We ask the Force tonstremfjten us this year as a family so guess what happen? We had many opertunity s to be able to express the practice we wish to see. We as a family spent the end and beginning of the year un employed. Fired a few weeks before Christmas and the wife was 9 moths pregnant. To list the things that went on this past year for us would sound like complaining so I won’t.

It wasn’t until the half of the last year we began to work out of the hole we found ourselfs in. We did it ! Togeather ! That doesn’t mean the car didn’t break down 3 times and my little brothers truck needed parts like the starter - water pump - belts - things like that this year that needed done - just quit at random moments. All in all - with a focus of what we chose for this year past - we kept to our resolve and made it! My hope is that we continue to do as we did and learn to leave room for glitches and moments to share more than glare this year.
Here to hope !

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Arisaig wrote: what do you feel you've accomplished this year, and what do you hope to do in the coming new year?

2018 started off with several major mistakes that I will never make again. But I do believe those mistakes were essential to me finally finding out exactly what I am capable of. I feel healthier, I finally feel like I'm healing. Isn't it funny, you have to see the end to start letting it all go and get busy healing? The year ended with me jumping into my dream with both feet. I'm finally putting myself out there. Burn the ships.

2019 will build on the positive momentum that 2018 ended with. More poetry, more time with my daughter and best friend, less concern with the things that simply do not matter, and there are so very many of those. If I get the chance to create one of these for 2020, I expect it to be of a similarly excited tone and with fewer BIG mistakes starting it all off! Small mistakes are welcome, but it's time to leave those childish ones behind.

*edit: and yeah, I'd like to begin an apprenticeship once I get through the IP again :)

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