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31 Dec 2018 14:01 #331766 by Arisaig
Day of Reflection was created by Arisaig
Hey! Its our Day of Reflection, a day to honour our own past and future.

So, in honour of today, what do you feel you've accomplished this year, and what do you hope to do in the coming new year?

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31 Dec 2018 16:00 #331769 by Avalon
Replied by Avalon on topic Day of Reflection
I was thinking about posting a similar question. Today is the "resolution making day," so to speak. Many people are pulling out their notepads and listing all these things they're gonna do over the next year. Exercise more, weight loss, less credit card use, less video game time... Etc etc

My question was gonna be what small habits do you want to begin. Not resolutions, per se ...

For example, I'm wanting to do a daily project this year. I haven't decided which, and maybe I'll do more than one. I've considered daily sketches, finding something to do daily writing about, etc. Little things. One project I've toyed with for a few years now is a year timelapse video... Finding something that obviously changes and taking a photo of it every day.

So in short, for me, I'm wanting to get into some sort of consistent, creative type of thing. Nothing major, nothing that requires a ton of time. Just the development (...redevelopment?) of a daily creative habit. Things I've noticed I've stopped doing over the last year and want to resume again.

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31 Dec 2018 18:13 #331772 by thomaswfaulkner
Replied by thomaswfaulkner on topic Day of Reflection
I hope the form of kindness, although awkward it may be, I give to the people within my circle of existence made a difference. In working within mental health, much of my time is spent sharing weighted experiences with people and often, not very often, but often, I tend to lose sight of caring for myself...I have chosen to devote my time to heal others, to raise a family, and to serve here, and often at the end of the day, I just want to simply be for a while. I've taken some note of this a few months back and have shoved, squeezed, and gently forced time for things that just simply are to build my sense of being. I don't want to call them fluff stuff to pass the time, but rather, feel goody stuff that simply can be whatever the day brings. More recently I've picked up chess again (that's been challenging, but really fun), and I'd like to devote some time back into creating...I gave a hand made paper present to each of my clients this year and I thought that was nice too. Maybe I'll finally expose myself to the piano frequently enough to learn how to play it without feeling intimated.

I did a fantastic job this year teaching others to make use of their space, but as of the past few months, it feels nice to remember me and refuel my spiritual cup. Here's to another year of it.

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31 Dec 2018 18:24 #331774 by Silvermane
Replied by Silvermane on topic Day of Reflection
In regards to the making of “resolutions” I think it is a great way to make promises to yourself and others that you never intend on keeping. If you are only willing to make changes “for the new year” they will only last about a month at the most.

I set goals every month and push myself to complete them. Some I hit and some I miss. I also have 6 month and 1 year goals. I’ve hit my 6 month but didn’t get my one year because of finances and poor credit (buying a house). If you set daily, weekly and monthly goals they are easier to commit to and achieve.

For me looking back over this year, this year has sucked and one of the worst years I’ve had in a very long time. But it was also a learning experience, an opportunity to grow and fight through all the bad. I will be honest, it almost ended me. It took me down into the deepest, darkest pit of myself and broke me there. I came back to the Temple as a shattered husk of my former self but thanks to my wonderful wife and the awesome people here, I got through it and getting stronger. Having been in that pit I want to keep training here as Clergy and as a Knight (which I’m hoping to become in 2019) so I can help others who have fallen into that pit and need a light to guide them out of it like what was done for me. That is my past and future look.

May the Force continue to guide us all.

Rand Silvermane

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31 Dec 2018 18:35 #331775 by JamesSand
Replied by JamesSand on topic Day of Reflection
I had to privelege of working yesterday (and today), so I got to spend that "reflection time" in my place of employment - given that it is where I spend most of my time and efforts (whether or not that's how I would like things to be is another matter) I was able to ponder "what was it all for?"

And there were some highlights I suppose - I have probably changed a few peoples lives (that's not as hollow as it sounds, I deal with a lot of young people, often their first jobs and so for better or worse, I am occassionally cast as a mentor (or tormentor, depending on which ones you ask) so it's possible my influence (good or ill) will echo for years to come.

on the other hand, (like a lot of things in small organisations, not unlike this place) some of the "big events" the ones that causes stand-up shouting matches and grudges and high blood pressure and what-have-you fade into nothing, and perspective shows that most (if not all) were a terrible waste of time and energy.

two thousand odd hours (plus travel time) spent on....nothing of consequence at all. Honestly, the time may have been better spent playing video games.

I more or less want the same thing today as I wanted yesterday, which is similiar to what I wanted this time a time a go. The only thing really in debate is at what cost? and (like inflation) it is easy to lose the value of your time by trying to put it in the bank - it simply withers.

Interestingly enough, this year I also achieved the thing that the absence of which has defined me as a person for the greater part of two decades. With that...purpose now removed, I no longer possess any real drive at all. I reached the end game, beat the final boss, collected all the stars, and now I'm just waiting to be found dead in my pool.
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31 Dec 2018 18:50 #331777 by Kasumi
Replied by Kasumi on topic Day of Reflection
I fought cancer and I won.
I found a new job, at which I am reasonably happy. (How happy do you want to be at your job?)
I learned five new kata, despite training through chemo.

I saw who my friends really are. Fortunately, that was basically an easy good. Everyone I expected to be there for me was. Most of the people I expected to evaporate when I needed things did. The surprises were basically all in people who stuck by me when I expected them to cut and run.

It was a hard year, but I think it was a good one. I would like next year to be less hard.

I do not fight for gain or loss, am not concerned with strength or weakness, and neither advance a step nor retreat a step. ~Takuan
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31 Dec 2018 19:12 #331780 by Arisaig
Replied by Arisaig on topic Day of Reflection
Guess its my turn, eh? ;p

Lets see. 2018 was a hell of a year. I graduated from college, moved to England, and got an awesome job. I also completed my apprenticeship. Been an amazing year, despite its down moments.

So what of the next year? Well, there is quite a bit I want to accomplish. I'm getting upgrades for my lightsaber, so I want to master that alternative style. I'm also joining a group of local lightsaber duellists (been long enough, eh? been focusing on work). Other than that, I hope for many things. Perhaps a supervisor position, or perhaps moving back to the office to help with the administration of the hotel.

May the Force continue to guide us all into the New Year and towards our goals. :)

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31 Dec 2018 22:02 #331790 by Zero Storm
Replied by Zero Storm on topic Day of Reflection
My turn.

2018 has been quite a year. To start the year I made a resolution to spiritual and mentally better myself. I found our beloved temple almost exactly a year ago. Completed the IP and learned more about myself then I thought possible. Then begin apprenticeship at a super busy time in my life. Having not got as far as I’d like is my only regret from this past year.

With my home life, all my kids are very healthy and thriving. My oldest is a straight A student at Indiana university medical. My youngest is a wild kindergartener who wasn’t to use his new lightsaber like his daddy does. My first grader is learning to read and reads me a bedtime story every night and my high school sophomore is finding herself and become quite the big deal on the school archery team. My wife is almost done with her masters degree in medical biology and just received a job offer from the largest hospital in Maine to be a medical laboratory scientist. I finished the largest engineering job of my civilian career (3.7 milllion U.S. dollars) and I must have done somthing right because I was offered a repeat performance starting in April. And to top it all off I feel better about myself as a person both spiritually and mentally. Oh and I began construction on our 5 bedroom 4 bathroom dream home on my own 4 acres not far from work and my wifes new upcoming job.

In 2019 I plan to complete my apprenticeship, and seminary training here at the temple. My goal is to turn-in at least one lesson per day between now and April before work begins again. Also found out yesterday that I’m going to be a grandfather! My oldest is pregnant and I’m happy for her. She’s 20 and made it a lot further than I did. I was 17 and a brand new private in the army when she wa born. I wanted her to finish school first but she’s a good student and will finish what she’s started. 2019 has a lot in store for me from being a grandfather to finishing my dream house to starting another big project for work to advancing here in the temple with my new family and friend who are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met,......bring it on 2019

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01 Jan 2019 07:34 #331803 by jpadkins
Replied by jpadkins on topic Day of Reflection
This year has had its ups and downs but in the end, I realized that the only way to be happy is in the true service of others. I am looking forward to the year ahead full of seminary studies and teaching people how to stay out of their head and in action through

May everyone feel the presence of the Force!
You are loved!

It is in the journey we find ourselves.
In ourselves, we strive for balance.
In balance there is peace.
I am an instrument of peace.

I shall live my life with joy.
I shall stay connected to All.
I shall shine a light for those who are in darkness.
I shall be a beacon of hope in the sea of despair.
For I am but one of the many instruments in the One Song.
And I am an instrument of peace.

May you feel the presence of the Force!
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01 Jan 2019 15:44 #331806 by Manu
Replied by Manu on topic Day of Reflection
2018 was a wonderful year.

I was able to get a promotion that meant changing my schedule big time, and spending more time with my wife and daughters.

I’ve also been able to speed up my debt repayment slightly, and expect to finally be out of the red by late 2019 (and not 2022 as previously expected).

Spending more time with my wife has brought its own set of challenges, as we’ve had a bit more friction, which was previously avoided by not seeing each other. But that means we’ve also needed to communicate more.

2019 is going to be a year full of challenges and new projects. Bring it on!

Fear is normal. Every person feels fear at some point. Step aggressively toward your fear - that is the step into bravery. - Jocko Willink
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