Repetitive Nightmares

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24 Jun 2017 15:17 #288504 by KestlinQuareus
Replied by KestlinQuareus on topic Repetitive Nightmares
I used to have... not exactly the same dream every time, but a recurring theme of being chased by an old fashioned hunt with beagle hounds, as though I were a fox. It wasn't every night, just now and then. This continued until one night, I climbed a wire fence and wasn't fast enough. The hounds caught up with me. But instead of attacking, they licked and wagged their tails. Haven't had it since.

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25 Jun 2017 12:46 #288566 by ReallyRiver
Replied by ReallyRiver on topic Repetitive Nightmares
As a general rule I don't remember my dreams; maybe once in a while I wake up with a vague feeling or sim picture in my head but that's about it. There are times, though, when I either remember a dream startlingly clearly or have the same dream over and over for so long that I do remember it. For me, either one of these means I need to do something with the dream. What that something is varies and isn't usually obvious or intuitive though. I've gotten into the habit of *always* telling someone if I remember a dream they were in, in case it's a message. Not long ago I dreamt about a friend of mine and in the dream I especially noticed a bracelet he was wearing, so now (after asking his permission) I am in the process of making him that bracelet in case it's important. Once I told my mother about a dream I'd been having a few times a week for years. The next morning she told me, "Thank you for telling me about that dream. I know what it is, and you can stop having it now." I've never had it sense.

Not sure if I have a real point here other than sharing as a way to say that I understand at least some of what you're saying, and you aren't alone.

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