Repetitive Nightmares

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16 May 2017 20:18 #284346 by GrayPredator
Repetitive Nightmares was created by GrayPredator
Everytime I fall asleep, I have the same dream that I've had since the beginning of 2016 and it's starting to get to me slowly.

Whenever I tell this to someone and seek for any meaning of these repetitive nightmares, I get laughed at, saying it's me thinking negative.
Keep in mind that I am a very pessimistic person, but that is not the cause of my nightmares.
My dreams consists of:
Me getting chased by bald creatures that obviously look humanoid with onyx robes, paper-white skins. Sometimes I can see their faces, sometimes it's nothing but a blur.
I've gotten so used to them that it's no longer nightmares. Someone once told me to never stop running, and that's what I've been doing.

But does anyone, have any knowledge on what those repetitive nightmares could mean?

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16 May 2017 20:26 #284349 by Edan
Replied by Edan on topic Repetitive Nightmares
Dreams, and nightmares, are usually products of our emotions that I can gather.

Chasing dreams are often a sign that you are running away from something in your waking life. What are you afraid of? I would say, stop running, face whatever it is head on.

I used to have a dream that I was being pursued by an invisible man trying to kill me. If I didn't know that I had been asleep I could have believed it was real, but apart from this invisible man the world looked like it normally did. I had this dream every day for months. Eventually, I decided to stop running. At that moment, I woke up, and since then I've never had the dream.

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16 May 2017 20:27 #284350 by Arisaig
Replied by Arisaig on topic Repetitive Nightmares
Recurring Nightmare Meanings

Above is a link to an article about these kinds of nightmares. It seems to mostly be revolved around a traumatic event or unresolved personal issues.

I used to have repetetive nightmares when I was younger. They mostly stemmed from moving every couple of months (parents were poor, had to keep moving, kept getting evicted :c) .

My advise? Take a step back and look at your life objectivly. What in your life are you not happy about? What has changed lately (or before these started)?

Also, perhaps try running a white noise machine before going to sleep. A Soft Murmur is an excellent site to go for things like that. Run it before going to bed, and tell yourself you're going to bed and going to have a dream. This will tie the sound to dreams, and assist in allowing you to lucid dream. Then you can control the dream better and resolve it (be that fighting off these things, talking to them, unmasking them, ECT).

Hope this helps! May the Force be with you!

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16 May 2017 20:44 - 16 May 2017 20:45 #284353 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Repetitive Nightmares
I wouldn't limit my 'movement' in dreams to running. Why run when you can fly, or shrink, or make yourself gigantic or even teleport yourself to another place. For me dreams (and nightmares) are my dominion, and while external things can comes in through that lens as influence, it is mostly constructs of the 'dreamers' own capacity to dream. The dreamer must indeed awaken, at least in part. Running is a good, but for someone who likes to dream it (IMO) tends to run the risk of diminishing that sleeping state of the physical body, literally running out of the dream. So to me I'd ask myself if I wanted the to stay and be a part of my dreams, or not. If it's the later then I'd work myself into a favourable confrontation in some way to get the most out of it while its there. See it as an opportunity sort of thing, in finding that good balance between practical interaction and unpredictable crazy.

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16 May 2017 21:00 #284355 by Rosalyn J
Replied by Rosalyn J on topic Repetitive Nightmares
I want to speak with you a bit later

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16 May 2017 21:18 #284356 by JosephGray
Replied by JosephGray on topic Repetitive Nightmares
In my experience a nightmare is an unresolved conflict or open emotional wound that either hasn't healed or hasn't been treated. I meditate before bed by drawing and listening to music. This helps bring it to surface for me. I no longer dream at all now, and sleep great. This is just my take it may not work for you

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17 May 2017 01:33 #284379 by vladucard
Replied by vladucard on topic Repetitive Nightmares
I understand exactly where you are coming from! I have the same issue with dreaming of losing my teeth. I've read countless times that these dreams mean that you are ridiculously stressed. The interesting thing is that dreams, in my honest opinion, are deciphered differently by many people. While I agree that to me it could be attributed to stress, I also feel like it could be that I'm disassociating with something or someone because it usually happens when I'm going through issues that are not just necessarily stressful.

While there are countless books and online forums and links that could help explain it, I would suggest meditating and trying to look in yourself to see if there's anything that you are going through, have gone through, or something that may be coming up that is causing it. I have anxiety issues and I do my best to sit and write down my dreams to see if it is attributed to any anxiousness I may have.

I'm so sorry you are going through this :(

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17 May 2017 02:56 #284384 by Kit
Replied by Kit on topic Repetitive Nightmares
When I have repetitive dreams or themes, it's because there's something in them that I need to pay attention to. A fear (most often) that I'm working through and needs to be brought out of my subconscious, or an idea or thought. I've had dreams that reoccurred over the course of ten years before I figured them out, or over the course of a month. It depends on the lesson I suppose.

I'd be happy to share my repetitive dreams if you want to hear them :)
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17 May 2017 07:05 #284390 by MartaLina
Replied by MartaLina on topic Repetitive Nightmares
Huh..i kill demons in my sleep , i slay dragons and cuddle up with tigers and wolves , i tried running when i was younger but it only made me more scared and it began to mess up my day to day life , the last repetive nightmare i had was about a man with a birdhead , he kept following me and then going past my old home dissapearing. I let him and after a while i confronted him , i woke up never saw him again , i like to believe these dreams teach me how to confront stuff in life , i also dream about a polar bear that is stuck in our village , and that is a mystery that i want to solve , see it as a challenge so to speak. What i am trying to say is that in my opinion your dreams are as real as you let them be , when they speak to you , listen , when they scare you , confront , when you can fly , enjoy it , when they mess with you head , take them head on , but i would never let a 5 sec dream mess with my life ever again. Fear is a usefull thing sometimes , but it can suck the joy out of you very fast. I am glad you brought this to our attention , maybe there are more that not dare go to sleep, i hope they know they can always share their nightmares with us.

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17 May 2017 14:15 #284427 by Kobos
Replied by Kobos on topic Repetitive Nightmares
I have read this thread over and over again and couldn't come up with a response for some reason. I don't dream much (or at least remember them). When I do though I only have 2 types. Ghosts of the past coming to me to leave their impressions, sometimes after these dreams the dread and anxiety will last as long as I allow it too. Sometimes, I find it disturbing how much I allow myself to hold on to that feeling. The second dream that reoccurs is I die, there have been only a few forms but I see my death every time. Most the time its gunshot wounds as I bleed out, yes its brutal. I feel it like hot knives sliding into my chest and the feeling of a brick wall sliding against as I lean back and collapse. Then I feel the final gasp of breath before I wake up; normally drenched in sweat. I've searched for meaning so many times and had people tell me over the years that its a sign of great change, or worry, or even a sign that I am going to die. You know what though, here's the meaning I have assigned it, I wake up everyday after that dream alive. I don't fear it anymore I see it as a reminder that each day is it's own cycle of death and rebirth. So far, this seems to work for me and put me at ease in the face of a reoccurring nightmare. Your dream seems haunting Grey but perhaps that is the meaning you have assigned it. Feelings of terror are just feelings, the imagery is what you will make it in your mind.

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