Concerning the dogma of TOTJO

22 Dec 2016 20:33 #269554 by Carlos.Martinez3
Glad to share some "light" with youyou, even if its a smile light !

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22 Dec 2016 23:26 #269592 by Regentis
Replied by Regentis on topic Concerning the dogma of TOTJO
That was what set my decision to join in motion, after just sitting and reading and getting a general feel for things here for so long. The freedom to express myself the only way that is natural to me. I don't "do" dogma. I find it insulting to be demanded to fit into a tiny box when I've already gone through its contents by virtue of spending every waking moment, and most sleeping ones, buried in every religious/spiritual/scientific subject I've had access to. I will; however, happily follow along a course of study for the sake of personal growth, or to gain a degree. I will not subject myself to groupthink. Done that, nearly died, not doing it again.

Personal sake: instructions don't need to be clear. It's more fun than serious, but it is still very reverent for me.
Degree: I'm unable to comprehend it if it isn't literal and minutely specific - which is beyond the scope here. I've found the lesson questions in the IP a bit hard to understand by the common parlance used.

So I figure this place is somewhere in the middle of personal choice and degree/dogma, as religion is personal and cannot be dictated, but there are attempts at rules.

I'm certainly hoping the disarray of my current journal is "good enough," but I won't lose sleep if this is another social construct I'm unable to abide by.

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