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Sharing a Myth or two

31 Mar 2020 16:50 #350779 by Carlos.Martinez3
Telling a story or Myths is easy- Finding and validating them is a bit more on the difficult side. No Myth or story more so than those of Rabbit I find. This one in particular was a hard one to track down. I have a pile of books splayed open trying to find this one story of how Rabbit found wisdom. Turns out the book I directly needed was not in its place. We found it in the pile of books my son has for studys this week. Now, we searched for Rabbit over and over for over a week. Today - TAAA DAAAA here we go.

This one comes from the Muskogee people.
Rabbit is often a trickster at times.

Rabbits are small in comparison to other animals. One day, its said Rabbit went to The Master of Life and asked for wisdom for his people to survive. The Master of Life charged Rabbit to a few tasks. First was catch ants in a bag. Then bring Rattle Snake and Alligator here then we can talk about wisdom. After figuring out things, he was pissed every time he was asked to do something else till he said enough, where is my wisdom? I looked every where because I liked the way this one is told.
Taken from a story in a book----*

"The master of Life smiled. "Rabbit," he said, "you have shown me that you already have wisdom enough. If you had any more, it would be too dangerous for all other creatures. You will always be small and weak but you and your people will use your wits to survive."

*The Girl Who Helped Thunder and other Native American Folktales
retold By James Bruchac Ph.D.

One of the better story's to me because it always reminds me that sometimes its during the seek that we find things. Its through the times or those moments - in it that we find what we often need or often want. Its through the doing of things we find sometimes what we need.

where the rubber meets the road
In the thick of it
What ever you like to call it - we all know it its during that we can find things as well. Even- notice that .... your doing it as we speak. Those of you just barely doing it or even managing- its still doing it! May we learn from Rabbit a bit of wisdom is actually knowing -Your the hero - youll figure it out...
Your the street rat remember, you can improvise-
Your the user- you'll figure it out.
Your Player One- it on you.
Its all bout you.
Realize what your already doing... Your already... (left blank intentionally) you've been doing it this whole time.
Learn from Rabbit with me?

May the Force be with yall as we all seek, serve, and share it any where we find it... hopefully in the seek.

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