Clearing ones aura and Emotional Regulation

24 Nov 2021 17:42 #364300 by BajiThunder4317
Hello again,

I thought I would share a technique that has helped me immensely with the quality of my meditation, as well as my life in general. If you want, I encourage to practice it a couple times a day briefly, as it doesn't have to be done for a long or extended period of time. It helps through use of sound (your own voice), bilateral stimulation of the brain through finger movement, and pattern/rhythm through the finger touches. These things help regulate our autonomic nervous system, and also help us work on our mindfulness of this moment in time, reducing suffering and helping to open ourselves to connection, be it with others or through the Force.

We begin by finding a comfortable seated position. It doesn't matter how you get comfy, just do so. Then as you sit there start with a few nice and slow breaths, breathing deeply into your diaphragm however not forcing it, and then slowly exhaling letting it fall out of the lungs. As you sink into this comfortable breathing pattern, at whatever pace you feel comfy, then bring your hands to your knees, placing the backs of the hands on the thighs or knee area. Again this is wherever you feel comfortable.

Next step is to then begin the finger tapping mixed with vocal chanting (mantras). We begin by touching the first finger and thumb together, we inhale as the fingers are moving towards one another to touch, and as they touch we then tone out the "seed sound" SAAAAA, making the emphasis on the AAA noise. After you've done this and all your air is gone, move the fingers apart slowly, and then begin to repeat the process however moving to the middle finger and thumb. As they connect then tone out the seed sound TAAAA. Then move to the third finger and tone out NAAAA. Then move to the pinky finger and thumb and say MAAAAA. All of this is done slow, methodically, and with great intention. You can run through this a couple times if you'd like, but it doesn't need to be done too many times, as it is a very powerful technique and could over stimulate your "chakras" or central nervous system.

The reasoning behind the AAAA noise is this; paleo-linguistics states that the AAAA noise has been around for a long time, and is a noise of comfort ultimately. If you look at most languages, religions, spiritualities, etc. you see the AAA noise wind up in a lot of them. For example God, Krishna, Buddha, mama, papa. When spoken out loud they all have the AAA noise within them. When this noise is toned out, or chanted, it vibrates the central nervous system, which helps calm our body down immensely. Hence why we named those figures of comfort what we named them. So the intense vibrations from the Sa Ta Na Ma chant, help our body vibrate on different levels of our central nervous system, or along the "Chakras," which then helps cleanse or clear them of energy that might be blocking them, as well as tones them and helps them balance how fast or slow they are spinning.

Hope this all makes sense, and I hope you enjoy!


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25 Nov 2021 02:41 #364318 by Lykeios Little Raven
Thanks for sharing this with everyone! You recommended it to me in a private message and I have practiced it several times! Will reboot my practice of it tomorrow. Was sidetracked to a specific visualization for a while, so I hadn't been doing that one.

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