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One of the old motifs in life is the balance of family and spirit. This being a place for Jedi and such I ask this question...

If Anakin had time for family or a better balance of it, would there be a Vader? If there were no secrets in this particular life, would things have been different?

The more I study and read off screen, the more this particular idea comes up. There were Jedi Council Members on screen who had family. What and where was the difference if any? Is there a difference? Does family throw things off or does bad balance do it? Real talk , not asking for a friend. Looking forward to the discussion in this section.
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I think it’s important to look at why the jedi forbade attachments.

It wasn’t because love was a weakness, or a diversion. It’s because of the jedis role in the story. They were the elite special forces of their universe. They weren’t masked,or lurking in the shadows. There identity’s weren’t classified information. Everyone knew who they were. If they had a family or children, they could be used as a weapon against the jedi. If their family was killed it would obviously affect the jedi personally and things like revenge would run rampant. They could be kidnapped and used as leverage to force the jedi to do something he normally would not. The fictional jedis reasons for forbidding attachments are essiential to performing a task that we as real world humans could barely even fit in our heads….not many of us make decisions that directly affect the life’s of billions of people. The jedi needed to be beyond reproach. Beyond manipulation, with perfect judgment. None of that is possible if your weaping over your recently deceased spouse, or if someone has a blaster pointed at you child. I’ve always said that being a jedi knight is about responsibility, not ability. And when your responsible for the lives of billions…..there’s no room for error or anything personal affecting your judgement.

Would Anikin had become Vader if he was allowed to have a family? No I don’t think so. The circumstances of his life are what lead him to turn to the dark side. And those circumstances would have been dramatically different if he could have had a two week vacation every year with his mother, or if obi wan and mace windu attended his wedding, with yoda officiating. Anikin had only one weakness… palpitine used against him flawlessly…..his family.

Here in the real world, my family is my greatest strength. But I’m not responsible for the lives of billions nor am I negotiating trade agreements worth trillions of dollars…..but if I was, and someone wanted to manipulate my decision making, harming or threatening to harm them would definitely affect my judgment.

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