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12 May 2022 15:20 #368055 by Loudzoo
Hello All

A quick update to let you all know that we have done a thorough clean-up of the FAQ. Those familiar will know that the FAQ is a bit of a labyrinth, whose accuracy can deteriorate over time as policies and personnel change. We are happy to report that things now seem up-to-date. As ever, however, it would be greatly appreciated if we could be informed of any broken links or inaccuracies - as you find them.

Regarding the Library, it is important to remember that it is in no way meant to be definitive. Rather, it contains suggestions that we know will be of interest, within the confines of what is available legally, for free. In it you will find book, video, online course, and podcast suggestions - as well as other online libraries of interest. In particular, we wanted to highlight a number of services available for online borrowing of various media that aren't listed in our own library: downloadable uncopyrighted media / out-of-copyright media and borrowing function for copyrighted media

Cloud Library / Libby / Hoopla: online borrowing from your local public library.

Kanopy: free streaming of films / documentaries funded by public libraries

We are always open to suggestions for services that can be included, and thank Rosalyn J for alerting us to Cloud Library / Libby and Kanopy.

Lastly, if you find the Library a little bit daunting, head to the Other Libraries and Resources page for some short recommended reading lists. These alone contain enough wisdom to get you deep into your journey - wherever you may currently be!

May The Force be with You!

Loudzoo & River

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