Everyday Heroism

06 Feb 2022 11:23 - 06 Feb 2022 11:25 #366045 by Edan
Everyday Heroism was created by Edan
For me, Jediism is really all about service. That doesn't mean though that service has to be some big or grand gesture, it can be small everyday things that make a difference.

This video is aimed at school/college kids, but I really encourage you to watch it. It's only 13 minutes long.

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06 Feb 2022 12:08 #366046 by Serenity Amyntas
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Thank you for posting this :)

Servizio cura rispetto *Gloria alla Casa dei Soli Gemelli*
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08 Feb 2022 13:23 - 08 Feb 2022 14:19 #366099 by River
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I like the thought that ordinary people can be heroes. In fact, ordinary people are heroes. Everyone we think of as a hero was once some random person who had an idea about what they might be able to do to make the world a better place and then did it, step by step. I don't think anyone sets out thinking "I will be the poster child for my cause, my grandchildren will read about me in history books." They just saw a need, knew they could fill it, and did.

I don't see myself as the history book kind of hero. I see myself as the other kind of hero spoken about in the video: the ripple effect hero. I feel most fulfilled when I am actively and directly doing things to support other people. Remembering that my small act of compassion can cause untold ripples is important for me, as sometimes I can get a bit self judgmental about not doing anything "important." But in reality, each choice we make is important and affects the rest of the world. This idea is actually very related to this week's sermon too, called "The (Swallowtail) Butterfly Effect."
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