Opinion on Baby Yoda

18 Jan 2020 05:58 #348506 by grayfish1
Shalom Rockets. I want to conjoin with Baby Yoda on a spiritual level and become one with the Force.
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follow me. I will be posting meditation guides in the future. Thanks for all the help through the tough times in rehab, may the Force be with you. Daniel Nolan out. -From MoCo MD USA

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18 Jan 2020 15:30 - 18 Jan 2020 17:31 #348510 by Carlos.Martinez3
Jokingly but his name so far is ..” the child”- it may change but just saying. I personally like “the child” and his potential in the Star Wars universe. I look forward to the pot being stirred. I’m a stick myself but it’s a big pot. Smiley face
Force continue to be with you

Edit : after listening to the sound clip it wasn’t at all what the Op led me to believe. It’s a song made by some band I have no idea who they are. Music is music. If one person calls it music it’s music to me- even if it’s not my for tay.
I leave this as a smile. I like McChris.

Ps every time I hear this song my family begins to dance in a circle.
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