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what do people think might exist between us and The Force?

05 Nov 2019 15:57 - 05 Nov 2019 15:58 #345223 by Fyxe

Kobos wrote: That's a fair description. So, I have to ask then is not any form of higher consciousness the same thing until we are aware of it? How do we define above or below on things more complex than breathing? Are different forms of "higher consciousness" separate from the consciousness currently? And there fore the self? Where does that leave the whole of the universe?

Just asking and some thoughts. I am a very Socratic learner (bare with my questions please), I think we have a bunch to learn from each other and you have some fresh ideas to present me and others. And starting small before we hit the list you have in the OP is giving me a better idea of what you mean by each.

Much Love, Respect and Peace,

Thank you for actually caring what I have to say and being interested in me and my views. You have not accepted but validated my ideas and in turn validated me as a person and thats all I wanted!

I dont know much about above and below, Its just a convenient way to put them in a certain order. Actually as you ask that our consciuousness is probably more like a big ocean full of different currents, some warm so we hang out there and some not so warm and so we avoid them. but I think that all the levels (currents) are in that ocean and we are aware of them. but we are not actively perceiving them or we are avoiding them like those cold currents, because we are having a hard time accepting they are really there. we want to know reality exists like we perceive it and to go beyond that is somethings to much for people to handle.

Where ever you go, there you are. Make the best of it.
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05 Nov 2019 18:22 #345229 by Carlos.Martinez3
There’s this meditation type of exercise I do called galaxy in the palm of your hand.
It’s as follows :
Seated comfy and in that feeling of feeling nothing.... can really feel your arms legs type of idea. There - open palm up in the seated see a sun in or above your palm. Feel the heat from it. Move it around your hand. Take it from palm to elbow elbow shoulder - cautious - always be carful around the chest - just a warning not a don’t do it more of a reminder the idea is to move it not to keep it. Then opposite side shoulder elbow wrist and other palm. Take a few passes back n forth. Time seems to be less of a priority when your attention is trying things like this out so keep a pause for real time often. Sun up sun down . Next let the heat and or sun go. Next the moon. See the moon in your palm. Repeat all steps for the moon. Try and find the cool in the moon as the heat in the sun. Use it if ya like. Heck - any how - Next the earth. We live here - pick your own - what ever - planet - repeat steps as before. Lastly let the planet and moon together travel that path - palm elbows wrist shoulders - same warning - just be carful is all I’m saying . (Dad mode) other shoulder elbow wrist palm. Back n forth together - try rotations if tour feeling giddy!!final all three slow fast how ever let them galaxy in the palm and keep that there for how ever you like- send it through! Bring it back.

Variations and additions are always a plus. Personalization is always a good thing.
After this and during this I often think about the space between -
Personally it makes me wonder - vibes - vibrations - regardless of content still live in - that.
It’s always blown my mind how much me learn and I learn and the more I do the more I realize - damm I’m missing a lot more.

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