Seeing what I can do to help them

10 Aug 2019 03:35 #341152 by Yabuturtle
I understand that as I learn more on the Druid path and learning of other paths as well, I have been doing whatever I can to help my mother and my brother as well as my aunt and grandmother My mother and brother are needing my help at the moment as they could not find good sustaining jobs until my brother went to train at a truck driving school.

To help the family I stayed behind to get a job to help my mom and brother and hopefully when they are on their feet, I will go into the service, most likely the navy. He had thought of getting a job as a truck driver as it would help us also move back to our original home, Missouri instead of Florida where it is much cheaper and the laws aren't as silly. Truck driving would make some money and it is a good traveling job as it allows us to move in different areas. The thing is with the driving school and really schools in general, I have noticed they teach the absolute bare minimum even when it comes to driving something as dangerous as a truck and coupled with the fact that my brother has low self esteem and afraid of being a failure of the family, it does not help when he has trainers say one thing and another trainer will another thing which makes it more confusing. We do try and support him and he appreciates it and he is doing his first solo job. I just wish they would train him a little more so he would feel ready. I always felt like so many schools are just interested in pumping out people rather than really educating them and making them more competent.

I always wondered what I could do aside from just supporting the family financially. I have been praying and thinking of rituals to help, which it has in the past, when it comes to both of us getting new jobs and thinking what I can do to help him. Seeing if I could even help my aunt and grandmother as one of my aunts died recently and they are devastated it and financially unstable to where they will need to sell their house.

Any good vibes or energy will not be forgotten. We appreciate any prayers, good energy and support really. It's all I can really do I suppose, I just wish I could do more.
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10 Aug 2019 22:00 #341166 by Lundra
Since, I was not that long ago exactly in your brother's position, I wanted to give some words of encouragement.

If a small girl who has absolutly no dept perception, and goes left when someone says go right more often than not, who started out thinking there was no way she would pass the driving test, let alone the backing test could do it then go on to drive in almost all of the 48 states alone with only a poodle for protection and companionship, I am sure anyone can. (Somehow missed South Dakota, but I hear it is much the same as North Dakota)

You learn as you go, practice helps, if he has trouble backing, just go out and back into multiple parking spots durring your free time. It also doesn't hurt to make friends with some drivers who have been doing it for a long time. They are often more than happy to tell their tips and tricks they have learned over the years. Such things saved my neck more than once. The mixed advice from trainers comes from the fact that there are multiple ways to do many things. Some ways work better for some more than others. I will not add to that confusion by giving more probably contradicting advice, however, I do want to give encouragement. Sometimes that is the weapon most effective in helping a person succeed.

As for you and the navy, I have also been there. If you set your mind to it and remember when times get hard the reason you joined, it will be enough to push you through. I won't lie and say that being in the navy is easy, its anything but. However, joining was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life to this point. I chose not to stay in, but if I had to do it all over, its a choice I would make a lot easier than I did the first time, and I would sign up again, and most likely only do the 4 years again.

I hope this encouragement helps you and your brother, and I invite you to ask me any questions you wish to ask. If I don't know an answer I will try to find it. Its scary to be starting in either of those jobs/carreers. Lives are on the line, after all. However, some of the best people I have ever met were truck drivers and sailors. (Some of the worst too, seem to get both extreems more commonly than in other places at least in my experience.) So, hang in there, and keep pushing, you both are likely to surprise yourselves.

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