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Care to elaborate

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A political party with a whopping 128 followers and just shares political memes?

Pretty sure this counts as stealth advertising, even if you didn't share a link. You're trying to sell us on what I assume to be your personal political party. (person heading it seems... Well, much to young to even be allowed to run for any office...)
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22 Mar 2019 19:50 #336128 by Gisteron
Would you kindly name two reasons why this is not a political advertising and/or recruitment campaign and why this forum should provide you with any room to do it? TOTJO is a 501 (c)3 non-profit. While it can try and distance itself from the messages of individual users on its boards, not much of a case can be made why it couldn't be safer for it to just refuse hosting any of your ads here to begin with.

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22 Mar 2019 22:00 - 22 Mar 2019 22:15 #336131 by Arisaig
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Oh jeeze. Where do we begin?

Firstly, and I'd like to make this very clear... throughout reading this, I found several parts that are firmly against Jedi ideals, though you had stated earlier:

The Valourian Party is a political party with similar beleifs as the TOTJO.

Lemme break it down for you. I'm not getting into every part, or as deep as I'd like, because jesus no one would read it all...

Stock Market Plan
Option one: No Stock Market.

How would that work? Businesses need investors, and they get their investors by selling stock. Without stock, businesses would literally crash and burn. And not just big businesses, all the small ones trying to get off the ground too. Option 2 makes more sense, but no one has the stock market being their 'sole income'. You need money to invest to start with, and after you 'strike it big' with a company you invested in stock, you're a shareholder, basically a business partner. So... well, implementing that would be near impossible.

Replace Capitalism with a combination of free enterprise and anti-trusts

I wish you luck with that... attempting to dismantle the very system that would have brought you to power, if your party even gets there, telling your investors that you'll dismantle them...

Our currency will be deflated

How? What does that even mean?

You cannot buy goods with credit

In a country with more debt than actual money, everyone is buying with credit of one form or another. This plan would doom most middle and lower income families to starve to death.

Lower Inflation

It doesn't go into it here, in fact its blank as to how this party intends to do this. But it does say later on that the plan is to "remove currency from circulation. How? Just remove it from people's bank accounts? The money is already out there, being used by people. Is the plan to rob them?

Foreighn Affairs
Lightning War Policy

Yeah... this is just government fuelled terrorism. Any act of war being met with 'swift retribution of invasion and military destruction'. This is not keeping with Jedi ideals of peace and learning to talk first, fight second.

Excellent relations with the Pope is to be established

Why? Why the Pope? Jedi believe in a firm separation of church and state. So, again, not in keeping with Jedi ideals.

Foreign terrorists shall be treated as if they were another nation

They already are? We don't declare war on a nation for the action of extremists. If we did, the states would declare war with itself...

Social Policies

Religious Associations

Option 1. Public Atheism- all people have the right to freedom of religion but display of religion of any kind in public is prohibited, excluding jewelry (sic) and garb.

Doesn't this just fold on itself? No public display, but you're allowed to publicly display garb and/or jewellery? Good luck in enforcing that...

Option 2. Religious extremism even by the littlest act, such as “posting pictures of aborted fetuses all over a college campus,” or “standing in the street protesting and yelling at people that they are going to Hell for their personal religious beliefs or social interactions,” is illegal and punishable by fine. Also, teaching hate is considered immoral.

Teaching hate is already considered immoral. However, banning the right to protest in the states... again, good luck with that...

Terms and regulations of “gender transition” is that to be considered male or female, you must have the specified genitalia. If you do not change your genitalia, you are legally what you were born as.

Jedi do not discriminate on basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or identification. This is not in keeping with Jedi ideals. Jedi don't care what's in your pants.

Prisons and jails are not to provide television or health care to prisoners. They are in there for a reason.

And what of those falsely imprisoned? Of those forced to take a guilty plea because they cannot afford bail for minor crimes. This is not in keeping with Jedi ideals.

Olympians are to be treated similarly to soldiers

Why? And even more strangely, how?

To solve the issue of “Supremacy” groups, a type of modern Feudalism will be established. The ability to create race specific towns and cities will be given to those groups that wish to do so, as long as they do not commit acts of violence and hate towards other races/people/religions.

Yo WHAT? Yeah, BAD IDEA. Not in keeping with Jedi ideals, and is basically asking for people to eradicate those that they don't like and just hide it, at a government level.

Human trafficking will be treated as terrorism.

It already is?

In national or global crisis, emergency powers can be given to the President. However, the president must give up those emergency powers once the event is over. This is to avoid a Hitler type situation.

Que Chancellor Palpatine, Caeser, Hitler, Trump... Making it a rule doesn't mean those that go above the law temporarily will obey it when it comes back to them... Historically speaking...

The people are legally able to revolt against the government or impeach the president politically or by force, should the executive fail to uphold the Valourian values and laws.

But just before you said that people weren't allowed to protest...

Possible Projects

Prop up funding for Venus colonization (sic)

What? XD Ya'll can't get funding for a wall, what makes anyone think funding for colonising Venus is on the agenda?

You said this was a 'grey' form of government, but it seems quite extremist in many regards. And highly left leaning in most of it.

Overall, rethink the plan. And don't say 'this falls in line with your ideals' when it easily and obviously does not.
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23 Mar 2019 00:18 #336135 by ren
Replied by ren on topic Supporting The Valourian Party
I think we are being trolled, but these are some interesting discussion subjects.

When it comes to economic policy, from value being established in terms of supply/demand, to the use of fiat currencies, to the use of interest-bearing credit and debt-based growth... What we do now was done before, collapsed and was abandoned before. There are alternatives, and some of them are currently in use.

Lightning war policy: invented by the Nazis, very effective, civilian death toll is minor in comparison to long conflicts.

Excellent relations with the pope seem at odds with public atheism. I'd just take the Vatican lightning war style, sell the gold and spend some quality time in the library.

Treating foreign terrorists like soldiers of another nation waging war seems fair game to me. I struggle to understand the distinction.

Social policies

Option 1 is reality in a number of countries. One of them is France.

option 2. I also find placarding pictures of corpses distasteful.

'gender transitions' are already regulated, with a majority of countries not caring what people identify as and going for either visual or DNA evidence. I think DNA is the better choice, but as we have biometric ID these days I don't see the point of declaring sex/gender. The biometric data is more thorough.

'healthcare for prisoners'. I guess in countries where regular people don't have access to healthcare it makes sense to prioritize. In the developed world however, denying health to someone is a barbarism best reserved for criminals. That being said this lack of healthcare could be offset by the lack of TV, resulting in a healthier mind?

Olympians as soldiers makes no sense. A race won't go better with bulletproof gear and an automatic rifle.

'modern feudalism' currently exists.

Human trafficking is already up there with terrorism, crimes against humanity, war crimes....

Legally removing the government by force: I don't know of anyone to ever successfully orchestrate a coup and not subsequently make it legal.

Colonizing Venus: Venus is fantastic at 50km altitude. The carebears' natural habitat is in the clouds, maybe we could send them first?

Convictions are more dangerous foes of truth than lies.
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