Accountability VS Blame

10 Dec 2018 07:33 #330510 by JLSpinner

Read the article and share your thoughts.

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10 Dec 2018 14:42 #330528 by Kobos
Replied by Kobos on topic Accountability VS Blame
The ideas expressed come into play in almost every scenario. When we get to the point in any social structure that we are looking to blame someone sometimes we need to ask ourselves what our part in this situation was. Once we start to tackle that it is all about solutions, suggesting some, beginning some, and still learning about some more.

"Where did the process break down?" is clutch, when the article puts this in as a differentiation between strong and weak leaders I couldn't help but think of it like this. Since almost every social, governmental and procedural process is, well a process. Think of a machine, every machine goes through a process to do something. If you were a mechanic the first thing you would do is look for what part of the process the machine stopped working in before tearing the machine apart. Once you identify that, you can begin working on the proper part of the machine without destroying the machines integrity. So, now that we have the machine a part we can take a look at how we can fix it, we have a machinist remake the part that broke, an engineer go through the process and confirm it works in theory, and you as the mechanic put it all back together.

So, in short having accountability ingrained in anything we create we have to realize every single thing is a process and a construct, using this knowledge, we should be able to figure out who is best to do what when need be. It's pretty easy to say "you did this so fix it" but it really should be more, "this happened, so now let's work together to fix this, but let's remember what happened to cause this so we can avoid it in the future."

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10 Dec 2018 15:52 - 10 Dec 2018 15:54 #330534 by Zenchi
Replied by Zenchi on topic Accountability VS Blame
The author certainly makes quite a few generaliztions...

When people say “That politician must be held accountable for his actions”, what they’re really saying is “That politician is to blame and must be punished for his actions.”

This right here, straight from the start. It's not at all accurate imo...

I mean, maby it's what the author means when they say it, it's most certainly not what I'm implying when I've said it for, what now, the last seven years here specifically speaking. That's not to say I haven't pointed my finger (not saying which one) at those in charge here, but I did my best to do the majority of that over pm, (yelling, ranting, cussing and what not lol).

I personally dig the link he dropped and the whole philosophy behind it. It's been a while since I've felt that way here specifically speaking, not since Jestor stepped down anyways. I'm no better, I've failed in this regard as well and I'm not afraid to admit it...

Here's the link if anyone missed it the first go around...

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10 Dec 2018 22:11 #330584 by thomaswfaulkner
Sinek's video was a great addition into the conversation. One of the first things that I did after becoming a Knight was to develop a lesson concerning this very topic because I think it's something worthy of discussion. Personal accountability is a valuable asset towards recognizing some of your own areas/domains that could use some modification, but things can get sticky when you shift that accountability outwardly. At some essence, the most important idea that a leader can focus on is creating that space in which conflict can be resolved by focusing on the issue directly. Accidents happen, and I'd be a quack if I told you that in my own effort, I've never fallen short of the expectations that I set for myself, and the expectations that other's require of me. Sometimes, regardless of situation, we are just stricken by unfortunate events and we have to do the best we can to reconcile with the "sh*t in life."


On the other side, there is relevance in holding people accountable for their doings. Just today, a co-worker has locked keys in her vehicle for the third time this month, and after provided counsel and efforts to implement measures to prevent it from occurring after the first two times, it happened again. As I said earlier, the first task should always be to mitigate the issue by resolving it without assigning blame. My co-worker is stranded at a client's house and is incapable from leaving her vehicle as it contains PHI (personal health information). If I were responsible for resolving conflict, I would first focus on finding a solution to unlocking the vehicle and ensuring that the threat of her own personal safety was mitigated. But as a company, I also don't find it helpful to be passively permissive of this behavior either. After attempts were made to take preventative efforts, the instance occurred once again. At some level, there has to be some consequence (whether positive or negative) to encourage a healthier solution to this issue.

I guess using another analogy might help me to paint my words into a tangible example...Dan becomes aggressive while he drinks and hits Lucy. As leaders, we can take measures to mitigate the anger when it manifests, we can manipulate the environment to be conducive of growth and encouragement, and we can remove Lucy to ensure she is not in danger, but at what level do we continue to permit Dan to engage in these behaviors before we look at holding him accountable for his actions.

Solution-centered thinking, I feel, should be the primary goal in resolving conflict, but sometimes, it is important to hold some level of accountability for people after continued effort has been made. Maybe then the person's intent/actions can be used to find a person-centered approach to their patterned behavior.

I realize this is more of a mental information dump, rather than an organized collection of thoughts, but I think it does a good job of flavoring my perspective on the topic.

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11 Dec 2018 23:01 - 11 Dec 2018 23:03 #330655 by OB1Shinobi
Replied by OB1Shinobi on topic Accountability VS Blame
Blame is when we cant see the person beyond the infraction.
Accountability means we identify where the behavior needs to improve without confusing the behavior for the person.

Its labeling someone a”liar” vs recognizing when a person has said something that wasnt true. “Liar” is a blaming word as it assocates the infraction with the persons basic nature. Most of us have said something that wasnt true at some time in our lives- are we liars? Well, we are pople who have lied. Accountability means being real about the infraction and holding each other to reasonable standards but keeping awareness that the actual person is much more than just the misbehavior, and that (in most cases) with the right kind of support, the person could learn to improve their behavior over time. Accountability allows for change, adaptation, redemption, wjereas blame is a one-shot deal where the person IS and always will be their mistake.

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11 Dec 2018 23:46 #330659 by Adder
Replied by Adder on topic Accountability VS Blame
I've got blame as 100% responsibility for somethings occurrence, which is rare to achieve such a great score so usually its partial... and so not an apt label to throw around without that condition attached.

And accountability being an established prior responsibility for something, in effect being responsible for some aspect of something and therefore potentially incurring an element of blame if something goes wrong which shouldn't have.

So some folk like to finger blame because it paints some one person or thing as a focal point for their anger... and its easier to attack or feel superior to one person or thing - then many. In reality the devil is in the detail, and things are usually much more complex, and so the practise of crafting a simplified narrative to channel rage is usually counter-productive for everyone involved no matter the narratives appearance or purported intent.

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