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15 Jul 2017 23:05 #291043 by Kit
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For those new to meditation (and after they get past the idea there's only one way to do it!) the next question is always "Which one do I try?

There's about as many different kinds of meditations as people who practice! It can get very overwhelming sometimes. Add in things that don't have the label of meditation but still provide the same results and your head is spinning!

So here's a good way to get started! I've discovered that a person's preferred meditation style seems to coincide with their preferred learning style(s). (If you don't know yours, see the attached document)

Visual: Any kind of meditation that involves visualizations. There are many guided meditations out there for this (e.g. "Picture yourself on top of a mountain...")

Auditory: Focus on mantras or music. Drums, rattles, trance, chanting, nature sounds, anything that you feel drawn to.

Tactile Do meditations that focus on physical sensations. Such as breathing, or body scanning. You can also hold a small object in your hand, bonus points for something meaningful. Close your eyes and feel every minute bit of it. The texture, the shape, the temperature, and involve yourself fully with the object. (thanks to Gwinn for coming up with that) Crafts can fall into this category too. Anything repetitive like coloring, knitting, chainmaile, hand embroidery, leather tooling, ect. works well.

Don't forget! Just because it doesn't come with the word "meditation" doesn't mean it won't work as a meditation for you! Be mindful of the things you're already doing and you may find something that works for you!

If you have any suggestions to add for hunters of meditations (new and old) please add!
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16 Jul 2017 03:03 #291057 by steamboat28
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I find that my favorite meditations engage multiple senses at once. Often I will meditate on a mental image while repeating a mantra or listening to music and performing a repetitive action, like running beads through my fingers.

Another easy way to get into a meditation habit is to pick up a small daily ritual of "you time". Mine used to be making tea (before the weather got too hot for it). The smell of the tea, the sound of boiling water, the act of stirring, all brought me to a mindful place. By focusing the actions on the betterment of yourself (like, caffinating yourself in the morning), it's easier to remember to do it often.

Finally, I will remind our syncretic Jedi that prayer is a meditation focused both outward and inward, should they partake in such habits.
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24 Oct 2017 00:43 #304637 by JLSpinner
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I find humming helps me quiet down the old noggin.
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24 Oct 2017 00:46 #304639 by Dewy.Cosmos
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I prefer to just let my mind wander while doing menial task like doing dishes or sorting laundry. Kind of like a large platter balanced in the center and loaded with marbles, If to many find their way to one point my mind will wander to the same point. I find it helps with personal awareness as some times I think I've got a good balancing act going but find out I'm dangerously close to everything crashing to the floor.
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16 Nov 2017 01:11 #306136 by AnubisPheonix
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This is one by my mentor. It really helps honor who you are. It's all about releasing things we are attached to, including our emotions. It helped free me from the shackles of my attachment to my wife, too, whom is no longer my wife, but my ex. (not divorced, still living together as friends)..

I usually do my shamanic meditations, but for me, I love trying out new styles. Since I am not fully a follower of one path, I devote myself to lifelong learning.
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16 Nov 2017 02:22 #306139 by Manu
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I suggest detachment meditation. You begin by sending me $10 (details by PM) and then contemplate the pain and beauty of loss.

:silly: :silly: :silly:

The pessimist complains about the wind;
The optimist expects it to change;
The realist adjusts the sails.
- William Arthur Ward
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16 Nov 2017 21:09 #306181 by Kit
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I've locked this thread because folks can't seem to read past the title lol. I'll be separating the posts out as I get time. If you have a suggestion for anyone looking for meditations or establishing practices (not meditations themselves) please post in the meditation forum and PM me to get it combined into this one. Thank you!
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