Jestor, Knight, Announcement, 2010

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25 Sep 2010 07:44 #33400 by Mark Anjuu
Jestor, Knight, Announcement, 2010 was created by Mark Anjuu
I give formal notice that on this day, the 25th September 2010, following the prescribed ceremony and having completed the training requirements to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee, that
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, known as Jestor is hereby promoted to the rank of Knight of Jediism. May the Force guide him well!

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25 Sep 2010 07:56 #33403 by Jon
Great ceremony, great celebrant and a great Jedi Knight Jestor!

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.

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