Virtual Thanksgiving

21 Nov 2020 21:37 #356359 by Alethea Thompson
You're all invited! :)

Join us for an open chat at 11AM EST on what you are grateful for this year, and at 6PM EST grab your popcorn for a watch party! Throughout the day, feel free to share your recipes, pictures of food, and talk with one another.

Non-US Jedi are welcome to celebrate along with us.
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24 Nov 2020 13:17 #356459 by Alethea Thompson
What's going on your table?

This year my apartment is devoid of a table, it's suppose to get here on Saturday (Card Table went out the window, because everywhere around here is sold out!!! x.x). So we decided to go to a park and have a Thanksgiving Style Picnic. I'm cooking the majority of the meal, and picking up some sliced turkey at my local grocer. and with that, there's been an opportunity for me.

Many of you probably don't know this about me, but I follow the Levitical Health Laws. It started out as an observance my mother hand when I was 13, and by the time I got to adulthood and found out for myself that the NT doesn't restrict us to the dietary laws I thought I'd just give up on rules because there are a lot of things that use Porcine product (A LOT). Thing is, I discovered I have an intolerance towards pork now. So I sat down and really considered what I would do with the health laws. I came to a conclusion that maintaining them wasn't actually a bad thing, and in fact is a good way of showing my God that I want to make an effort everyday to grow closer to Him.

Anyways, this kind of puts me at odds with a childhood favorite Holiday dish- Candied Yams. Marshmallows tend to use Pork-Based gelatin. There are some that don't, and up until I was near a Whole Foods, I basically had to go online and specially order them if I wanted them. And every year I've gone to a family dinner since the military...someone else gets the candied yam dish and has to make me a special pan without the marshmallows.

Well Social Distancing has given me an opportunity this year to craft my own personal Candied Yams dish. While I'm cooking Thursday, I'll be on Discord chatting with everyone. If anyone is interested in cooking this one with me, let me know and I'll pick a specific time to cook it so we can coordinate together. ^^. I want to have fun this year with all of you.

Below you can find my recipe, I've never tried it before. I got the idea when I saw a huge jar of honey at Whole Foods XD.

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26 Nov 2020 15:29 #356514 by Alethea Thompson
Reminder that we are going to have our first official event in about an hour (11AM Eastern) :) . Come join us on the server and talk about what you're thankful for. Afterward, just chat and enjoy each other's company until 6PM Eastern for the watch party. I am going to be camping out while she cooks her Thanksgiving meal.

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26 Nov 2020 17:25 #356515 by Nairys
Replied by Nairys on topic Virtual Thanksgiving
The link sends me to Discord, but I don't know how it works adding friends. Any thoughts?

Sean Kelly

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27 Nov 2020 02:37 #356522 by Alethea Thompson
It should send you directly to the server. As for adding friends, when you click on someone's name to the right (where all the active people are) in the server, you should see a "view profile" on their picture. Clicking on that should give you an option to send a friend request in the upper right-hand corner of the profile that pulls up.

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