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steamboat28 wrote: I find it so ironic that suddenly everyone cares about "copyright" law when it concerns forum posts, but not when it includes whole-ass books they stole from the Internet. Especially since the founder of this order has repeatedly assured me, in writing, that the posts made here are the copyright of their respective owners/authors. Everything else you can negotiate, but on this site if you wrote it, you own it, so saith the grand poobah.

So. Given that, and given the fact that the adjudication of any actual legal questions about this website are determined by its country and state of incorporation (Texas, USA), and perhaps (depending on international agreements and local laws) the jurisdiction of the country/province/state/region/etc. at which the server is physically located (but i'd have to do a lot of research on that), people can copy whatever they've written here, because it belongs to them.


If they haven't written it, then there's a discussion to be had for that.

Absolutely correct. Totjo year end reports belong to totjo, and constituent parts to their respective authors.

'whole-ass' public domain works as found in the library belong to the public, I don't personally know any book thieves at totjo, so cannot comment about their activities.

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