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13 Jan 2011 17:12 #36239 by Karn
Sunday Open Sermon - Integrity was created by Karn
Integrity is the heart and the very essence of our values as Jedi. Integrity must be the standard instilled within the innermost heart of every person. It is integrity that bonds people so tightly together that when faced with any circumstance, each individual can trust each other to meet the needs of the moment. Integrity comes from within our heart and is revealed through our respect for the decent standards of conduct.

There is no room for compromise in the integrity of our word and deed. We are faced with important decisions every day of our lives. It is vital that we evaluate every situation before we make a decision. Rushing the process usually results in poor judgment. When we rush to accomplish something, we lose sight of both what is important and the possible consequences of our actions. The focus becomes getting past the immediate situation by any means possible. Looking back, the time saved was not worth the compromise of our integrity. Trying to rush things costs all of us more time and effort than if we had taken the time to look and act properly the first time, not to mention the consequences of our actions if something goes wrong.

We must have the honor to deal rightly with all that is entrusted to us, to be loyal, obedient and respectful to all those around us and to accept our duty of service. We need to have the courage to stand up for what is right, even when faced with adversity and honesty will guide us to the right decisions. Being committed requires self-discipline and a devotion to maintain the highest standards of integrity in our daily lives. We must be committed to our responsibilities while observing these values within our hearts.

In closing, integrity is a key essential of service as a Jedi. We must focus on being consistent in word and deed to maintain our integrity with responsibility, order and discipline. We have worked hard to build a reputation for being trustworthy Jedi and it only takes one mistake to destroy the respect for our integrity that we worked so hard to build. It is our duty to set the standard for integrity as members of Jediism. We must realize that we are not perfect and will make mistakes, but it is from those mistakes and the mistakes of others that we learn and grow in our experiences throughout life.

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