Sunday Sermon (of sorts) 14 June 2009

13 Jun 2009 17:42 #23431 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Weve not had one for a little while so I thought I would post a short Sunday sermon, especially as due to forth coming events I am not sure when I’ll next be able to do so.

Now I’m not a huge fan of long drawn out sermons – I suffered enough of those as a child in church so instead of a sermon lecture – Id like you to think of this sermon during the next few day or week when you can – especially when someone (no matter who it is when or where) is getting on your nerves – or in the words of Axel Rose ‘Sometimes you wish you could just take of their head (their being girlfriend in his case) with a shovel and stuff it in a bag n bury it in the yard’ (this is before the song ‘I used to love her’ live).

I think it is fair to say that everyone has a relative who is either known in the family for it or it is seemingly only you who think it, but we nearly all have a relative who is either a bit annoying, talks too much for too long on the phone, or never stops complaining, or never stops talking about their little boy/girl who is obviously the golden child, or indeed an auntie or uncle who is just simply mad/insane/weird. It could be you older/younger brother/sister who bugs the hell out of you – plays their music too loud (or just has no taste in music) or another relative who is plain selfish sometimes. There is a whole host of annoyances and little habits/traits that drive us insane – yet – as mad as we feel about them – we still love em – and generally we put up with it – or have a minor squabble with the culprit about it but nothing more. We learn to love them for it – and in fact sometimes miss it.

Of course – im talking about relatives here – but here is a thought – according to anthropologists (people who study/research our human ancestry and evolution) we all descend from 1 of 7 females – that is to say in our DNA on a certain female inherited strand – we all share 1 of 7 characteristics.

Simply put (albeit distantly) one person out of every seven is likely to be a distant relative – and that’s 1 in 7 of anyone in the world. That’s right 1 in 7 are relatives.

We all have gripes and complaints against individuals outside of our family – we may even have gripes/grudges against particular groups or even nationalities yet 1 in 7 of those people (that you’ve never met or talked too or know anything about) are probably your relatives.

However – lets cast the relations web even farther a field and encompass everyone - everyone on our planet – everyone who has lived or has yet to live is in fact our brother or sister –

Our Brothers and Sisters in the Force.

So when we all have our differences, our gripes, our moan etc be it with family, friends, work colleagues, classmates, or you think your boss/superior officer is some sort of moron or the person driving in front of you is seemingly trying to drive their car as if it were a steam roller – sure have your moan or even your few seconds of fuming – its only natural.

But then drop it – put it behind you – don't let it fester and grow as the only person that actually suffers in the long run is yourself and by having an air of anger around you – you affect those closest to you whether you intend to or not. Not everyone sees the world in the same way – we all have our different ways of doing the same thing or looking at things.

Likewise – if we can – we should try to spread this way around – It isn’t necessary to do this verbally, by preaching – but simply by our actions and the way we behave. If everyone treated everyone else like family – it’s a safe bet the world would be a happier healthier place for us all to live and work in.

We should all remind ourselves everyday that we are Jedi - we know better than to stew over what are generally small irritants – most of these things are in fact events of the past, the past is history, the present is a gift, and the future is ahead of us.

We all likely have habits that grate on others. Be aware of you interactions with those around you, because they do echo into the future – call it karma if you will, or use the phrase ‘what goes around comes around’ whatever you call it – it is the way of The Force and remember the most important thing in any of our lives is family.


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