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13 Nov 2008 23:27 #20074 by War Beauty
Made of Iron was created by War Beauty
Here is another one of my poorly constructed, yet hopefully helpful and insightful lessons....(i seriously need to leave this teaching thing to the Masters who can teach lol!)

Made of Iron. Aren't we all? We are the knights in shining armor! We are the superman who saves the day. The day someone doesn't need our help is the day we finally lay to rest.

You're so strong on the surface, but not all the way through. Sticks and stones, hammers and nails....You are not weak! But then, one thing finally wears a hole in the outer shell and you find that you aren't iron to the core. Driven with fear, pain, despair....and when you realize you're not perfect...your world is crushed. Because everyone expects you to be, and that's what they see. This strong and amazing person....but they don't realize your empty.

So how do you become solid all the way through? How do you fill a void?

In all honesty...i can not accurately give a solution. Meditation, soul searching....the standard answers for now. But i am on the quest to know how i can become iron to the core. It's best to clear your mind, and to realize all of what you've accomplished. Think back on the blood sweat and tears over your life span....I hope this helps those who need it for now (i certainly need the help)

I remain your ever faithful servant
Master Perris

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13 Nov 2008 23:40 #20075 by Lumiya
Replied by Lumiya on topic Made of Iron
\"Know thyself.\"

This will help you find the problems that are within and solutions to solve the issues that are also within. It from doing this that you gain that innner strength to accomplish the internal struggle.

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14 Nov 2008 00:37 #20076 by C.A. Ezekiel
Replied by C.A. Ezekiel on topic Made of Iron
\"To understand others is a wonderful gift. To feel for
others is to have outward compassion. To care about yourself is to feel self worth. But to understand yourself, is the greatest gift of all.\"
Arith Mar Kai

\"So how do you become solid all the way through? How do you fill a void?

Iron shells and solid exteriors are our defence from the outside world to ourselves. When we take the form of liquid or water, we adapt to any penetrating force that comes into us. Do the penetrating forces \"pollute\" our waters with fear, pain, and despair; or do they fall into a infinate ocean depends on our connection with the force. Inside the thick Iron Shell we close ourself in is either a shallow puddle or an infinite ocean of the force, that is beyond anything our Iron sheel will ever experiance. The Unifying force fills the void, like water in an empty cup.

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15 Nov 2008 09:36 #20115 by Garm
Replied by Garm on topic Made of Iron
Maybe we shouldn't seek to become iron to the core, we galvanize ourselves in order to deal with the world and help us stand solid to others who turn to us for help. But our \"soft\" interiors, the fear, the pain, the our is what makes us what we are, serves as our connection with all who share this world. Being able to separate from our core is important for many duties but the feelings inside are what makes us a part of all in existance.

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