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Requesting Assistance: Sermon Catalogue By Subject(s)

28 Apr 2019 01:38 #337788 by Rosalyn J

As part of my break, I am reading all the sermons and compiling this:


In order to create a resource in which all sermons will be available via subject matter. I'd love some assistance in this way:

If you have written a sermon and you believe that it belongs in a certain catagory/set of catagories, please will you edit the sheet accordingly?

I am adding tags to those sermons of persons who are not here/not active, but if you are here and you intended your sermon to speak about something(s) please add it to the sheet

If you have publishing capabilities you can edit your sermon directly and add appropriate tags in the publishing tab of the sermon editor

Thank you
The following user(s) said Thank You: V-Tog, Carlos.Martinez3, Kelrax Lorcken

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