Live Service Sunday Oct 14, 2018 @19:00 GMT

12 Oct 2018 22:09 - 12 Oct 2018 23:06 #327865 by Rosalyn J
Good Time zone

Carlos Martinez will be doing a live service in AJax on Sunday October 14, 2018 @19:00 GMT

Access Ajax here:
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12 Oct 2018 22:59 #327866 by lightscribe
Is it some sort of livestream? How do we get to it?

Today, I will do my best. My best is all that I can do. And sometimes, my best will surprise me.
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14 Oct 2018 18:33 #327937 by Carlos.Martinez3
REMINDER Live service 30 minutes!!!!

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Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
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14 Oct 2018 19:49 #327943 by Carlos.Martinez3

Take some time to be ready or get ready- we will begin in one minut

(14:56:18) Carlos.Martinez3: hi liz!

(14:56:28) elizabeth: Hi sorry late

(14:56:44) Carlos.Martinez3: always a pleasure ! we will begin in one minut

(14:57:37) Carlos.Martinez3: Lets begin

(14:57:45) Carlos.Martinez3: Welcome yall few here!

(14:58:04) Carlos.Martinez3: ALBEKL LIZ PASTOR!

(14:58:11) Carlos.Martinez3: thanks for coming

(14:58:16) elizabeth:

(14:58:17) Rosalyn_J:

(14:58:18) Carlos.Martinez3: Now ...

(14:58:24) Carlos.Martinez3: life is full

(14:58:35) Carlos.Martinez3: Full of ups and downs

(14:58:43) Carlos.Martinez3: full of knowns and unknows

(14:58:50) Carlos.Martinez3: weather

(14:58:52) Carlos.Martinez3: war

(14:59:00) Carlos.Martinez3: peace money stress

(14:59:25) Carlos.Martinez3: work-home personal lifes politics -family -friends

(14:59:57) Carlos.Martinez3: we can find that all of these can bring us as much joy as pain

(15:00:33) Carlos.Martinez3: There are times the sun shines bright and the grass is green and theres nothing really wrong...

(15:00:49) Carlos.Martinez3: there are days it rains and storms

(15:01:21) Carlos.Martinez3: We can ask ourselfs…. what do we do? when things get full???

(15:01:55) Carlos.Martinez3: theres an old question asked by phyciatrists that often starts with...

(15:02:05) Carlos.Martinez3: "if you were in a dark room..."

(15:02:38) Carlos.Martinez3: this is a simple and easy illustration to say if and when your not in control...what do you do?

(15:02:56) Carlos.Martinez3: My Temple,

(15:03:10) Carlos.Martinez3: what happens when we no longer have control?

(15:03:12) Carlos.Martinez3: or,

(15:03:23) Temple remote: Kobos logs into the Chat.

(15:03:28) Carlos.Martinez3: things happen we cant fix or have any say about?

(15:03:42) Carlos.Martinez3: (hi tim)

(15:03:51) Kobos: (Sorry)

(15:03:57) Carlos.Martinez3: to say these days wont ever come is kina silly and foolish

(15:04:15) Carlos.Martinez3: To be ready is wise

(15:04:46) Carlos.Martinez3: what happens when we loose our focus or even better, realise we are far away from our path?

(15:05:07) Carlos.Martinez3: it is possible and it happens often.

(15:05:26) Carlos.Martinez3: its possible for rain to carry people out to the sea...

(15:05:49) Carlos.Martinez3: its possible for us to abandon things from fear...

(15:05:56) Carlos.Martinez3: it happens

(15:06:00) Carlos.Martinez3: like rain

(15:06:07) Carlos.Martinez3: like wind

(15:06:13) Carlos.Martinez3: like sun

(15:06:19) Carlos.Martinez3: like snow

(15:06:25) Carlos.Martinez3: some times it just happens

(15:06:38) Carlos.Martinez3: some times its time. its the season

(15:07:00) Carlos.Martinez3: sometimes life happens

(15:07:10) Carlos.Martinez3: some times theres really no fault at all needed

(15:07:35) Carlos.Martinez3: there is a very real thing called compassion fatuge

(15:07:49) Carlos.Martinez3: yea, you can get tired of caring

(15:07:57) Carlos.Martinez3: Go figure, there is a limit.

(15:08:23) Carlos.Martinez3: totally possible

(15:08:30) Carlos.Martinez3: any one can get it

(15:08:44) Carlos.Martinez3: knowing all this, what do we do?

(15:08:48) Carlos.Martinez3: what can we do?

(15:08:55) Carlos.Martinez3: What can a Jedi do?

(15:09:10) Carlos.Martinez3: The second Jedi teaching states:

(15:09:35) Carlos.Martinez3: jedi maintain a clear mind:which can be achieved thrugh meditation and conteplation."

(15:10:06) Carlos.Martinez3: on applicable way we can use this is commonly know as a call to home.

(15:10:11) Carlos.Martinez3: The return.

(15:11:00) Carlos.Martinez3: every religion every sect every faith every way every idea and every person can benefit from this simple word...

(15:11:09) Carlos.Martinez3: HOME

(15:11:26) Carlos.Martinez3: since we are on - the - net togeather-WINK!

(15:11:45) Carlos.Martinez3: the home keys are the basic structure for typing

(15:12:29) Carlos.Martinez3: in martial arts the "kata" of things can be remebered

(15:12:58) Carlos.Martinez3: in love, the past can be rekindeled by the ambers of the fresh young love...

(15:13:26) Carlos.Martinez3: in art the frequency of the beginning can lead to a firmer faoundation

(15:13:39) Carlos.Martinez3: math id fundamental and universal

(15:14:14) Carlos.Martinez3: in faith- freedoms sometimes come when we remember where we WERE and where we are now

(15:14:56) Carlos.Martinez3: Take some time to stop and add this idea of home ing when you need it and when you dont

(15:15:55) Carlos.Martinez3: RETURN or HOME yourself to the basics, to the core , to the beginning and to the place you first fell chose to focus on things the way you did

(15:16:10) Carlos.Martinez3: remember why u did.

(15:16:24) Carlos.Martinez3: they may have changed- some focus change and grow

(15:16:28) Carlos.Martinez3: that's ok too!

(15:16:38) Carlos.Martinez3: manything

(15:16:46) Carlos.Martinez3: many things change

(15:17:09) Carlos.Martinez3: when life gets full-home yourself. give your self that time!

(15:17:17) Carlos.Martinez3: DO YOU

(15:17:25) Carlos.Martinez3: go fishing run walk sing

(15:17:31) Carlos.Martinez3: dance drink eat cook

(15:17:37) Carlos.Martinez3: read watch a movie

(15:17:49) Carlos.Martinez3: ….unplug...

(15:18:04) Carlos.Martinez3: fly a kite re set

(15:18:25) Carlos.Martinez3: start again- return to you and what it is your focus is

(15:18:59) Carlos.Martinez3: Often times as modern day Jedi we get so far in our learning and our training we forgwet a few things

(15:19:11) Carlos.Martinez3: that's natural.

(15:19:16) Carlos.Martinez3: it happens

(15:19:49) Carlos.Martinez3: Take the time you need to home. RE center yourself. remind yourself. enourage your self
or, just fall in love all over again!

(15:20:26) Carlos.Martinez3: I often take a weekend to go to a hotel and jump in a pool - drink some beer go out and re set-
now with kids its more like make a fort eat pizza watch a movie and tell stories-
what ever your fancy- take some time to return.

(15:20:50) Carlos.Martinez3: I love this place and i fall in love with it often. I rember why im here often. Some times its a small word from one of the members....
thanks for being there orits a simple Thanks from some one on a forum topic.
what can a Jedi do when things begin to fill thweir cup or begin to get a bit -full---
return. i leave you with this

(15:21:15) Carlos.Martinez3: if you ever feel like your straying or far away or way out on a limb or its seems like too much
simply return. come back- home- go back to the begining recharge reset fall in love- all over again
like so many things - the return is always recomended. in some its included in every day practice.

(15:21:56) Carlos.Martinez3: May the Force be with us all still, as we seek it and serve it and share it!

(15:22:01) Carlos.Martinez3: thank yall

(15:22:34) Kobos: May the force be with you, thank you

(15:22:42) elizabeth: Thank you

(15:22:47) Albekl: May the force be with you, thank you

(15:22:52) Carlos.Martinez3: ill be arounf for a bit for cake tea and chit cat if yall like !

(15:23:09) Carlos.Martinez3: Thanks for coming!

(15:23:19) Rosalyn_J: Yay

Contact The Clergy
Pastor of Temple of the Jedi Order
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Block
Build, not tear down.
Nosce te ipsum / Cerca trova
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