My Grandfather

28 Nov 2011 01:15 #45090 by Nameless3450
My Grandfather was created by Nameless3450
My Grandfather is slowly dying they gave him a few months but he has pushed through their estimates but has since ended up in the hospital 2 times within a month and a half. Now I know with his problems he has he will not recover and will continuously carry around his oxygen tank until he can't breathe anymore. I only want to request that people stop for a little prayer so that when that time does come that he leaves peacefully and with the thought that no matter what bad things he has done in his past that he knows that no one holds any grudges and he should leave happily and that everyone does love him.

Life is but a blink in history, Time is but a measurement of fear of the end, and every second spent is a second you will never be able to get back. Take charge of your life today and make the most of it for tomorrow you will never know what may be. Don't let fear or doubt stop you. Don't let hate destroy you. Never let stress get you down. Become above it and push forth for a blink only takes but a second.

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