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09 Sep 2011 17:09 #42121 by Mark Anjuu
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I know I'm 2 days earlier but I won't have access to the site this weekend so I'm posting this now.

September 11th will remain in history as the day that shocked the world and it has been 10 years since almost 3000 lives were lost in the tragedy. Even now, the World Trade Center site is still being rebuilt and the memorial pools that mark the footprints of the twin towers are almost complete, their given name of "reflecting absence" more than apt.

While certainly motivated by a form of religious fervour, these were attacks from a viewpoint of extremism and hate, not compassion and tolerance. The whole world has suffered much in the years since, and wars are still being waged in the name of that day. As a sweeping tide of defiance overturns oppression throughout the Middle East, the most valuable word on peoples' lips is "freedom". I find it no coincidence that One World Trade Center has been dubbed the "Freedom Tower". I truly hope that we can all learn from the events of recent history and try with all our heart to make this a world of understanding, compassion and universal love.

While the repercussions of that day are global, each moment is filled with personal tragedies and our thoughts are with the families and friends of everyone that was injured or killed that day.

This time of year also has personal significance for this Temple. It was a year ago, on 7th September that a dearly loved member of this Order, Master Steven Ford, took his own life and rejoined the Force in spirit. If you knew Steve, I'm sure you can still feel that loss. If you didn't, please take the time to read the appropriate thread in this section of the forum and find out more about him.

Many faiths believe that when someone dies, their soul is bound to the earth for a year, observing and supporting those that were left behind. After this time, they are free to move fully into spirit and we no longer feel their touch, except for deep in our hearts where they remain forever. At this time, please spend a moment to reflect and honour our brother as we say our final farewells. May he find peace in the Force.

So light a candle in memory of all those who passed from this physical world at this time of year, in tragedies universal or personal, and may the Force be with you all.

Rev. Mark Barwell OCP
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10 Sep 2011 14:17 #42138 by Br. John
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If anyone feels hopeless, helpless or has a problem that's just too big - we will help. I remember when Master Steve posted saying he was taking a leave of absence to deal with some issues. He posted it as an article for all to see and assured us it had nothing to do with anything anyone said here or with his duties here. It seemed so ordinary at the time and it still does.

If only we'd known. Maybe one phone call could have made a difference. You are not alone.

We are a community and we are here for you.

I wish you eternal rest Steve and may the perpetual light of The Force shine upon you.

Founder of The Order
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11 Sep 2011 19:51 #42160 by Jestor
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Sith ain't Evil...
Jedi ain't Saints....

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