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02 Jul 2011 04:54 #40113 by Sapadu
--- There is a lovely fable about a man standing on the roadside feeling dejected. A woman walking down the street feels empathy and smiles at him. The man, heartened by the smile, decides to write a letter to a long-lost friend. The friend is so touched to receive the letter that he gives ten dollars to a homeless beggar on the street. The beggar later that day finds a stray puppy shivering in an alleyway, and he uses the money to buy food for the dog and keeps it warm by his fire. The dog follows the beggar, and that night they stop and ask a family if they can spend the night on the porch because it is going to rain. The family agrees. During the night, they are all awakened by the incessant barking of the puppy. The discover that the house is on fire—right near the child’s bedroom. They are able to save the child, who grows up to become a famous medical researcher and discovers the treatment for malaria, saving millions of lives. And it all started with a simple smile. ---

'And... what was the point of that?' Asked Sissy. Jack shrugged.

"I just saw a woman on the bus, today. She was reading something -- like a letter or a memo -- and crying really hard. I went over and asked if she was okay, if she wanted someone to talk to... in the end, she said no, but when she got off the bus, she turned to me and said 'Thank you'."

There was a pause.

'Maybe she'd just gotten fired.' Suggested Akitaro.

'Maybe she was reading a really sad story.' Offered Benedict.

'Maybe she had a loved one in the hospital.'

'Or a friend in the army.'

'Or maybe she'd just had a bad day.'

"The point is, I don't think it would hurt if we could all just think a little and feel some empathy for people, even if we have no clue who they are or what they're going through. I just couldn't help but hope she made it through whatever was distressing her and come out okay."

Another pause.

'Don't you have to be at work?' James asked, looking at the clock. Jack looked, too.

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02 Jul 2011 09:31 #40116 by Jestor
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Sorta Pay it Forward-esqe...

When I was a younger, I did good deeds....

Helped little old ladies, I pushed cars outta ditches...

Shovel sidewalks, take stranded motorists to the next gas station...

I now mow yards, trim weeds, take out the trash for little old ladies....

All for nothing, I never have ask for anything....

When I was younger, I had long hair, although I took care if it, people looked at me like I was a thug.....

Now, I weigh 250, bald headed, look like a Skinhead....

And after I help someone, and they want to compensate me in some, way....

I tell them to not be to quick to judge, and if they see someone in need regardless of appearance, do something... Help in some way....

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02 Jul 2011 09:50 #40118 by Cynthia
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Excellent posts with excellent messages!

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02 Jul 2011 14:57 #40122 by Tseen Keh
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I agree with Cynthia. I like the story. Have to admit that people are a species mostly blind to each other's needs. Well, at least here in Poland, because when I was in US people really smiled to each other. Here, when I try to smile to someone, they usually just turn their eyes somewhere else. Maybe once or twice anyone ever smiled back at me. However, I think it's mostly because they're too surprised to respond.

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