A friends return to the force

01 Jul 2011 07:56 #40089 by Damion_Storm
Today I was saddened by the new that my friend Chandra had passed away last night after a very short stay in the hospital. She was taken in last week an slipped into a coma shortly after. The cause was due the a disease around her heart that entered the blood stream. Last night life support was terminated and she passed soon after with her family at her side. Please keep her family in your thoughts that they can make it through this tough time.

Rev. Robert Cannon OCP
Bishop of TotJO
Master Knight of Jediism

Active Apprentices: None
Former Apprentices: Cynthia, Alexandre Orion, Reliah, Archon

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01 Jul 2011 15:32 #40102 by Mark Anjuu
Brightest of blessings to her and all those who were close. May the Force guide her safely to the next stage of her eternal journey and shelter those who remain from the sorrow of loss.

Rev. Mark Barwell OCP
  • Pastor of the Order
  • Vice President, Bishop and Councillor of TOTJO
  • Arch-Bishop of the U.K.
  • GrandMaster Knight of Jediism
  • Paganism Special Interest Advisor
Apprentices: Leena, Darren, Slydogstags, meatloaf, Rosalyn J
Former Apprentices: Karn, Angelus, Adder, Phortis Nespin

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