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20 Nov 2008 00:24 #20279 by Kira
A request for help was created by Kira
I’m writing to request help in sending a good friend of mine positive force energy. Her name is Nickie, and she has given me permission to request prayers and good thoughts on her behalf.

As a bit of background, Nickie was born blind. On her best vision days she can distinguish some lights and colors, but according to her that’s the way she likes it. She views the world differently, using her senses in unique ways. She lives with Julio, a Yellow Labrador who serves as her guide dog partner, and with his help is extremely self-reliant.

A few years ago Nickie developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (also known as RSD) as a result of an injury. I obviously am not a medical expert, but in short RSD is a chronically painful nerve condition. The RSD is mainly focused in her left foot, and can spread all the way up her leg during flare-ups. She basically lives in a constant state of pain accompanies by periods where she can’t even get out of bed in the morning because even the slightest touch against the wrong part of her body can cause waves of agony. And there is the fact that blindness can make things a bit more difficult, such as accidentally bumping into objects more often and finding accessible instructions for medications. She is currently experiencing a bad flare-up and cannot walk far without the aid of her walker, which makes it hard to work with Julio. So not only is she experiencing physical pain, but also mental pain in being unable to move as freely as she used to.

In short, she is one of the strongest people I know, as well as one of the bravest for what she faces each day. She is currently attending the same college as me, and her goal is to complete a degree in social work to work in the medical field helping others. I know Nickie is doing all she can to control the pain with prescription drugs, alternative medicines, essential oils, and more. I do not think that she needs help, because she is so self-reliant, but I wish to offer her any help I can.

She once said to me that having to live with RSD doesn’t seem fair, but that she knows better than to question who or what determines fairness. I honestly did not know how to answer because I agree she doesn’t deserve RSD, but then again no one does, and I cannot believe that any divine force would deliberately choose people to inflict this kind of pain on. RSD is the source of much suffering, and admittedly I probably never would have know about it if I hadn’t met Nickie in a very interesting Philosophy class (^_^). Any help or source of peace that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.

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20 Nov 2008 00:43 #20280 by C.A. Ezekiel
Replied by C.A. Ezekiel on topic A request for help
Nickie will be in my meditations. Countinue showing her that you view her outside her medical diagnosises. Mtfbwy and Nickie and Julio.

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20 Nov 2008 04:00 #20284 by OwenShea
Replied by OwenShea on topic A request for help
I will keep the in my thoughts and meditations as well.

May the force be with you all.

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20 Nov 2008 06:46 #20285 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Most certainly I will try top aide through thoughts etc.

I can understand this very well, I have a similar condition (the pain thing)

May I make a suggestion with this?

Nickie could try learning 'meditation' and or self hypnosis - It has greatly helped me during some of my darker times with pain.


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20 Nov 2008 10:41 #20288 by Cygnus
Replied by Cygnus on topic A request for help
she has my deepest thoughts, I'll be breaking out, every single old positive energy spell, new age healing trick, meditation, distance healing force trick, and hokey longshot I can find just to cover all the bases. May The Force Be With You and With Her.

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21 Nov 2008 13:20 #20302 by Zanthan Storm
Replied by Zanthan Storm on topic A request for help
As I have spoken to you Noreen. I have felt the energies of those here toward your friend. Hopefully soon we can attend her personally soon.

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