not having a great week :(

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27 Aug 2008 15:51 #18354 by Lilith
not having a great week :( was created by Lilith
I apologize for being MIA for the past few days... but I either have bronchitis, or a serious exacerbation of my asthma (I was just diagnosed with asthma a few months ago). I went to the doctor, thanks to a chest x-ray, I know it's not pnuemonia.
She gave me a \"rescue\" inhaler to use when my symptoms got bad... and I was feeling a bit better... until my cat went missing yesterday... so, now I am not 100% sure if it's all physical with the problems I have had anyway... or if it is stress that is making it worse... regardless, it feels like somone is sitting on my chest...
any healing you could send my way would be greatly appreciated...

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27 Aug 2008 16:26 #18358 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Don't need to ask twice ;)

Get well soon


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