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26 May 2008 16:56 #15538 by Nephast
My nick was created by Nephast
I have asked that this account be deleted and I was asked to post on behalf of that request.
Most of my adult life I spent in the military. It came before my family and myself.
I was a hunter for the military and from this I became known as Nephast. Nephast was a voracious hunter/stalker, in mythology, who did his job well.
I was always deployed in some country or on some assignment and never got to watch my kids grow and the distance between all of us in the house grew daily. It has taken me 2 1/2 years to come to finally know my family and to separate the military from me that I have come to know.
For this, I have disseminated myself from that nickname in all areas except for this forum and hope that all can understand that no matter how bad of a person who you were or feel you are, that can be changed if you look in the right direction.
Thank you for your time

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26 May 2008 17:11 #15539 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic My nick
Your actions define the person not the name, as for the military side, well, you did what was asked and as is right with any job, did it to the best of your ability.

As for the hunter aspect, this can be taken in many ways, seeking/hunting the truth? the force... whatever you wish... peace perhaps...

But names me not a lot to me, that is to say i don't judge people by them or look too deeply into any 'meaning' I'm am sure you wouldn't necessarily figure the meaning of mine if it wasn't already in my sig

MTFBWY - A and I truly hope you find that which you seek ;)

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A long time ago, there was a man, a better man than I - He was the son of a carpenter - the carpentry business was the death of him - the moral of the tale? Beware the furniture you gather and the crosses you bear.

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26 May 2008 18:24 #15545 by azrel
Replied by azrel on topic My nick
A wise person once said that what one truely searches for is pretty much in front of them all one has to do is look.

I agree with Kana about a hunter in searching for knowledge. It is your actions and deeds that define you not a name.

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26 May 2008 22:01 #15554 by ChanceArgo
Replied by ChanceArgo on topic My nick
\"What's in a name? That which we call a Rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.\"

-Romeo and Juliet

There are things we encounter in life that sometimes force us to re-examine and even re-define ourselves.
But life is all about growth and change.

May the Living Force guide you to yourself.

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