Healing Through Earth Magic

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09 Apr 2008 19:37 #13332 by Arith Mar Kai
Healing Through Earth Magic was created by Arith Mar Kai
i'm a water element witch. this element governs intuition, psychic ability, and healing. using earth magic to heal another or yourself is something that is performed as a service of kindness and one who does this would NEVER ask for anything in return.

Pagans are usually a giving people, and practice many healing methods. herbs are used for making salves, tinctures, teas, creams, and even potions or herbal pouches with specific herbs that pertain to a key purpose or function. magic is usually a last resort. but when it IS used, a witch attempts to focus the energies around him/her to a point of center with a particular tool of the element being focused. it is then released to perform the task set by the caster. though there ARE many variations to this process, lol.

water elements, being natural healers, focus their energies much easier than most other casters when performing healing spells. they also make really good doctors and nurses.

it is my belief, as well as the belief of many others, that the gift of magic is no game and is not to be misused as it leads to bad Karma, a consumed soul, as well as a dark aura.

healing is a great gift and it is used well in the hand of so many. there are those within the Order, even, that may possess such gifts and may or may not know how to use them to their full extent. i applaud those who care for the sick and treat the injured. but i give a standing ovation to those who give something that earth magic cannot, a healing of a shattered heart.

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