Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)

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18 Feb 2015 10:35 #181862 by Corwinani
Replied by Corwinani on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Some Nordic type runes has been found in the underground tunnels of Bosnian pyramids ... They are still looking for volunteers for excavations every year now.

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18 Feb 2015 13:22 #181864 by Figment
I hadn't heard about that. If I was closer, I would love to volunteer, it would be a nice experience.

I'll have to look up some information on it, but I am guess they got there due to trade routes with the Norse and Vikings. They had trade with several areas around there including the Middle East.
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18 Feb 2015 13:25 #181865 by Alan
Replied by Alan on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Corwinani, can you provide us please with a reference to the Bosnian archaeology sites. I'll be in that area this Spring and might be able to find time to stop by. Thanks.

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19 Feb 2015 03:20 #181959 by Corwinani
Replied by Corwinani on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Well, the most of information about Bosnian pyramids You can find on Youtube. Just type there Bosnian pyramids. There is many documentaries made by Dr Sam Osmanagich , archaeologist who did discovered them.
If You need more information or have a real interest in excavations I recommend to contact directly Dr. Sam Osmanagich, his email address can be find on his website
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05 Jul 2017 02:36 - 05 Jul 2017 02:37 #289547 by TNordgaren
Replied by TNordgaren on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)

Alan wrote: I suggest starting with these original sources in translation.

  • Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda.
  • Germania written by Roman historian, Tacitus.
  • Voluspa, the opening chapters of the Poetic Edda.

Secondary source: Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by Hilda R. Ellis Davidson.

Yes! You need to read the Eddas! The Havamal really needs to be included as part of the Poetic Edda that is read, as Odin's words are incredibly insightful, but the rest of the Poetic Edda has some cool stuff in it. A lot of it will be referred to in the Prose Edda!
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29 Nov 2017 19:39 #307256 by Siptah
Replied by Siptah on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Though I am an avowed Chaote I do have an Odinist bent and have spent the past five years in the study of this religion. Sometimes to get to some really good stuff you will just have to ignore whatever racist attitudes are there and pick the good fruit. I am by nature solitary and reclusive so this is not a problem for me. You have been given some good leads here with the Edda's and the Futhark trilogy but if I may, allow me to direct you to a couple of websites that can be of some help. They are as follows:

I hope this can be of help to you.


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12 Dec 2017 00:12 #308119 by Lykeios Little Raven
Stuff like this makes me glad I'm "Hellenic." :laugh:

Hope you find good sources and good information! There's plenty of it out there, but it can, from my experience, be difficult to find original non-Christian sources about the traditional religious beliefs of the Norse and Germanic peoples. We have the same problem with Celtic religion too, sadly.

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22 Dec 2017 22:06 - 22 Dec 2017 22:14 #309363 by Manami
Replied by Manami on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Hello, all. I have been involved with the Urglaawe community for a couple years - it's a form of Heathenry descended from Braucherei & Hexerei, the beliefs and practices that came over with the German migrations (commonly known as the Pennsylvania Dutch) and spread into American folk magic. There's some basic similarity with Norse beliefs (since they all come from the same mother source), but this is an evolution of the existing practice back into Paganism/Heathenry, carefully guided by both historical information and available lore from modern practitioners, rather than reconstruction of the past culture. Its is emphatically an inclusive Heathenry practice, being aligned with the Troth and other anti-racist Heathen associations.

Here is a good overview: .

I bring it up here not to proselytize, but to add to the resources. I find that the concept of the Zusaagpflicht and the way Urglaawe stresses balance works well with the teachings here. I came into Urglaawe with a lot of training in other forms of mysticism, so I'm not as explicitly Heathen as the core community, but with my Deitsch ancestry, this has been a good connection as a cultural practice and an aid to my Nature based practice (and their healing arts are very well developed.)
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08 Jul 2018 04:26 #323958 by Beano349
Replied by Beano349 on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Hi Everyone,

Looks like this died down a bit. I have been here about 2 weeks, but have been part of an Anglo Saxon Kindred for over 5 years now. It is very similar to Asatru. If anyone is interested in this path or is currently practicing I am always open for discussion. While I keep a general Weofold, I have a special dedication to the goddess Freyja or Freo in Anglo Saxon. We meet based on the old harvest calendar, rounded to Saturdays!

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12 Sep 2018 16:32 #326191 by Golan Wilder
Replied by Golan Wilder on topic Asatru (Norse Religion/Mythology)
Very cool!

I am familiar with some pagan practices.
Out of curiosity, is your Anglo-Saxon group Theodish?

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