Wiccan and Jediism

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08 Mar 2014 18:17 #140761 by Jorge
Wiccan and Jediism was created by Jorge
For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jorge and I'm currently a novice working on the IP.
So, I was finishing my work on the Pagan studies section of the 6th lesson of the IP, where I chose Wicca as my example of Paganism,
mostly because I saw a book on Wicca in the library and decided to read it on my own and realized that I could use it for my IP and use my own studying for the journal entry.
Anyway, I had a question for those of you who practice both paths; how do you accept both?
Meaning, what's your concept of the Force seeing as you're already a Wiccan?



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08 Mar 2014 19:31 - 08 Mar 2014 19:51 #140764 by Arcade
Replied by Arcade on topic Wiccan and Jediism
Hi, Jorge. :)

I'm not currently Wiccan, but did go through First Degree, was non-traditional Pagan for many years following that, and now - although I no longer consider myself Pagan - walk a Pagan path and certainly still use much of what I learned from Wicca and Paganism in spiritual practices as well as in my daily life.

I am currently a participant in two religions and roughly four spiritual disciplines on top of Jediism, and have never felt conflict where Jediism is concerned. Because Jediism is a syncretic religion that accepts the integration of other religious/spiritual ideas, it hasn't been a problem for me personally.

One's perspective on Jediism may affect how well that mixing and meshing works. I think of Jediism as the library which holds all of the books containing the knowledge and wisdom gained from past and present beliefs, philosophies, or spiritual practices. For me, it is a foundation that helps support additional spiritual paths. This could obviously go the other way, too. For some, Wicca or Christianity or Vodou might fill the role of that foundation, and Jediism also fits nicely into that equation.

My feeling is that moving away from the concept that a singular religion needs to be the foundation is probably a better way of achieving acceptance when dealing with multiple spiritual paths. Ideally, you should be able to mix a little of everything into the cement mix that fortifies your foundation. You'll likely have to knock down previous structures and build again to accomplish that, but it's worth it if you're in a position that you feel you're stable enough to tackle that process. It requires time and energy and a sincere desire to see the truth (your truth), but it's inevitably rewarding.

In terms of the Force and its compatibility with spiritual concepts in Wicca, there are no real conflicts - particularly, if you consider that there are as many interpretations of the God and Goddess in Wicca as there are the Force in Jediism (not necessarily making a parallel between God/Goddess and the Force here, just saying that people have different ideas about what certain key beliefs mean in both religions).

My concept of the Force is fully compatible with what I see as the pantheistic nature of Wicca/Paganism. The Force, to me, is (in many ways) everywhere and everything, and (among other things) is representative or symbolic of the sacred nature of reality and the universe.

I'm not sure I answered your questions, so feel free to PM me if you'd like to discuss this further. I want to clarify, however, that I speak from my own experiences, not as an authority on Wicca or Jediism. ;)
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09 Mar 2014 01:21 #140784 by Jayden
Replied by Jayden on topic Wiccan and Jediism

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09 Mar 2014 18:04 #140867 by Ve-Lo-Zi
Replied by Ve-Lo-Zi on topic Wiccan and Jediism
@ Jayden: I saw you post this picture in I think two threads now. But I don't really get it. What is its significance to the topic (no offense intended, I'm just curious)?

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12 Mar 2014 19:47 #141148 by JL13000
Replied by JL13000 on topic Wiccan and Jediism
Hi jorge,
I have studied the Wiccan way for a while now. There are things that are the same in both religions like the concept of magick and the force. It is the same thing yet they have different names.

I am now combining both faiths. I call myself a force witch.
I try to follow the code but sometimes in rituals there is need for emotion. In fact the most powerful magick comes out of emotions yet no witch should use black magick, just as no jedi should fall in the trap of the dark side.
In the Wiccan faith there is special attention for the masculine and feminine aspects of nature, by expanding the universe.
Instead of man and woman i pay special attention to the light and dark side of everything.

Sorry about the mess, i'll repost this in a more understandable way.

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12 Mar 2014 22:34 #141161 by Alan
Replied by Alan on topic Wiccan and Jediism
Like many other religions, Wicca, is not just one kind of spirituality. The designation 'Wiccan' can mean different things to different persons. It's current expression has origins in the mid-20th century but its roots are ancient. My particular syncretic mix of Jediism includes an 'earth religious' aspect which could be considered similar to the Wiccan ethical attitude towards nature sans magic. Investigating how the Jediism of our Temple can complement a Wiccan spirituality would be an interesting spiritual path. Our teachings and maxims could be integrated into an authentic Jedi-Wiccan spirituality, depending on the kind of Wicca (some forms will be more complementary than others).

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15 May 2014 07:43 #147404 by Demnos
Replied by Demnos on topic Wiccan and Jediism

Jorge wrote: Anyway, I had a question for those of you who practice both paths; how do you accept both?
Meaning, what's your concept of the Force seeing as you're already a Wiccan?

The Force is a concept of Spiritual and Physical Energy.
Wiccans have been working with concepts like that for decades.

The activity of being a Wiccan, involves ritual.
Esbats - done monthly on the full moon to take advantage of that energy
Sabbats - The Seasonal cycles, that follow the sun - Winter/Spring etc.
Spellcraft - using the energy of items, the energy of prayer to makes changes in the world
Wiccans also meditate.

It is very easy, to also be a Jedi, when your focus is spiritual energy.

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15 May 2014 10:18 #147414 by Mdvmonk
Replied by Mdvmonk on topic Wiccan and Jediism
Wicca and Jediism work side by side to truly understand both you must give up the fear of light and dark. I have studied wicca since the age of 11.

Wicca: White magick and dark magick wrong they are both the same it is the heart of the person that decides on how to use the knowledge of magick for good or for bad not the magick its self.

Force: dark side,light side again both the same how the person chooses to use the knowledge of the force. Is what makes them good or bad not the force.

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12 Mar 2016 02:21 #233127 by Valora777
Replied by Valora777 on topic Wiccan and Jediism
In wicca, there are the 4 elements; Air, Fire, Water and Earth plus 1: Akasha or ether. Since i got curious enouph about Jediism to reaserch it, it hit me that Akasha and the Force are very similar. So i changed some of the pages in my Book Of Shadows to reflect this change. I hope it helps!

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12 Mar 2016 05:10 #233148 by Carlos.Martinez3
Replied by Carlos.Martinez3 on topic Wiccan and Jediism
One of many joys I have found in my own path is my Jedi ism allows many to be at the same moment. I appreciate the study and the tranquility of the Wiccan faith. The connection they have with the earth. The devotion to it. The mind and heart of a Wiccan can be a glowing treasure if we see it that way. The peace I receive when a sacrifice of wood is given and praises sung to the winter and the one who gives life in the season present. That kind of connection I am familiar with. Do I consider my self Wiccan? I have learned and appreciated the same way and hold similar values. I share the connection with them. Ive seen it first hand. The same can be said that I have seen the Wailing wall. Am I religious? You cant put that many people in one place concentrating on the same thing and not share the vibe the feeling of remorse and that rapture freedom. These things are real. The ideas work, I don't label em in my life because I know given time I may want to learn em all . This is only my own personal view. but I kina like it ....

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