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23 Nov 2017 06:52 #306681 by Rilla
Bringing It Back Down To Earth was created by Rilla
I met a man at Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) organized by Circle Sanctuary/Selena Fox in 2014. His name is Lawrence Hyde.

Briefly, PSG welcomes all, basically, so you meet a plethora of people of every religious/non-religious stripe.

I was drawn to Lawrence immediately and attended his Psychic Self Defense workshop. He started by saying "I don't have religion, I have experience." He had a way of speaking in a manner that was down to earth and easy to grasp.

I've been psychically sensitive from a young age, but somewhat unguided and chaotic. I have military related PTSD along with Depression/Anxiety. My focus was blurred.
I had been having some dissociative episodes.

Lawrence and I had a lengthy discussion after the workshop. He picked up on what he called "a traveler, a chaos demon, and not of the Abrahamic type." He and his wife make a wonderful team; she is Wiccan.

He asked her to take a look without telling her what he had sensed. She picked up on it too and told both of us that this being was attracted to me because of my experiences and thrived on the energy that my dissociative episodes generated.

He pulled from the back, about midway down my spine to no avail. He asked his wife to push from the front. This thing didn't want to leave, but my head wasn't spinning, nor did I spit pea soup.

Together, they were successful. I felt this immediate release, and the tears... It was like I weighed ten pounds lighter and I could breathe more deeply than I have in a long time.

At the core of metaphysics is that "thought directs energy", as he put it. That little t truth, I've always known, but hadn't had control of until then. Before I knew it, Lawrence and I were tossing an energy orb back and forth, between each other, with our eyes closed. He also cleared a blockage in my throat Chakra.

He is simply amazing and my metaphysical mentor.

There's more to this story on the Pagan Ritual side that closely relates to the ritual I saw on the documentary. I could describe it, but maybe at a later date.

Yes, he has authored a book. I'll link it in case any of you might be interested. I'm looking to read some of the titles I've come across here soon.

Thank you for expending the time it took to read this and I'm completely open to discussion.

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