Wellness Wednesday - Apps you use to support your wellness

28 Jul 2021 20:05 - 28 Jul 2021 20:05 #361779 by Edan
I've seen some discussion of apps in the forum.

To support my wellness I've been using the following recently

Moodflow - I use to record my daily mental wellbeing
Deep Sleep Sounds - I use to help me sleep

What apps are you using?

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28 Jul 2021 20:42 #361783 by dwagoonie
Drink Water Reminder: because I have a habit of forgetting to drink fluids throughout the day

Beginner Gym Workout 4D Plan: Basic gym workouts for specific muscle groups. I do a different group a day

Gym Exercises: Same as the one above, and rotate different muscle groups each day

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29 Jul 2021 09:14 #361793 by River
I use Insight for meditation and Plant Nanny for water reminders.

I rely a lot on my phone's alarms, too. I set them to remind me to take meds and eat (both of which I tend to forget). I make the alarm sound be a song that has to do with the task the alarm is a reminder of, so even if I sort of absent mindedly dismiss the alarm, I usually get the song in my head as a secondary reminder.

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