Using TOTJO and some bbcode help

16 Aug 2016 23:35 #252571 by Zephyrus
You are probably going into posts that are "locked". Only admins and mods can post in them (I think).

Also, since I see you're a guest, the same applies to threads in some forums. In some, only members can reply.

So, bottom line, if you don't see buttons, it's a permissions issue.

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17 Aug 2016 00:24 #252578 by Proteus

Bodi wrote: So forgive me if this is asked elsewhere. I haven't found it if it is. Why do I have the option of posting or replying in some threads but not others? It doesn't tell me I can't post. I simply don't have any buttons to reply.

Some threads are from the Jediism forum section, which is viewable by all but only temple members (not guests) can reply in them.

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