Shout! Box, Private Messages: Glitches?

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03 Feb 2013 22:57 #92950 by jimcode3
Shout! Box, Private Messages: Glitches? was created by jimcode3
Hi there.

Ren, I think this is in your territory. I noticed some things which may already be known, but I thought I'd mention them just-in-case:

(1) In the SHOUT! box, a single "<" (left angle bracket / "less than" sign) gets processed as an HTML tag and disappears, taking a few other characters with it. (replace with "&lt;")

(2) In private messages, the same thing may be happening. At least, I know a double (<<) does it.

(3) We also tested, one night, other things like semi-colons and en-dashes (with spaces on both sides of it) and watched them disappear.

If someone else has already mentioned this, then I apologize.


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03 Feb 2013 23:07 #92952 by ren
It all gets sanitized. It's meant to be that way.

There IS a problem with the shoutbox, which every now and then gets exploited by spammers, but it's not compromising or anything so I never bothered repairing it.

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