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22 May 2012 17:37 #61450 by Dodge
Clarification please was created by Dodge
I am, I assume, a temple member as I have not started my teachings yet correct? When I am ready to start my teachings do I need to contact anyone before hand? Thank you all and MTFBWY.

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22 May 2012 17:53 #61456 by Jestor
Replied by Jestor on topic Clarification please
In the FAQ, it tells you that, if you have taken the Oath, and submitted an application, you are indeed a Temple Member...

You can start the training at any time...

Lesson 4 tells you to contact an admin (It me that needs to know) when you have posteed on "the heros adventure"...

If you have done that, PM me, and I will look through the records...

Quite possibly your stuff has not been processed, as there is a backlog I am working my way through, all new fo;lks as of the weekend have been processed...

Does that help?

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22 May 2012 17:57 #61457 by ren
Replied by ren on topic Clarification please
You are a guest unless your rank bar says otherwise. To become a Temple member you must complete a valid application and post a valid oath.It can take a few days to process them.

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23 May 2012 13:12 #61569 by Dodge
Replied by Dodge on topic Clarification please
Thank you so much for your clarification, I have not submitted an application as of yet but will do so when my teachings have been completed.

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