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09 May 2012 15:56 #59787 by Jackofalltrades
An appology was created by Jackofalltrades
I wish to appologize to red, mellow. and anyone else who was in the chat today. I can be quite proud of my views sometimes. and I felt really got at. especially when anyone puts accross a view that I have also held previosly but didn't last and eventually was stoped by force. like I said at first I'll give it some thought wether I want to train here and come back when I have decided. thanks all! :)

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09 May 2012 16:00 #59790 by Mello
Replied by Mello on topic An appology
There is no apology needed brother, I do hope you decide to learn here I would like to hear what you have to say on your topics of study. May the force guide you.

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11 May 2012 07:49 #60063 by Learn_To_Know
Replied by Learn_To_Know on topic An appology
That's nice of you to apologize to the people you were in chat with.


<back to your regularly scheduled programming>

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11 May 2012 09:53 #60074 by Damion_Storm
Replied by Damion_Storm on topic An appology
That is because chat was down for everyone yesterday and up till recently

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