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Forgive me,

I joined the temple a few years ago and have mostly lurked here. I have done a couple posts and have gained some great in sight. Being a pagan pastor of sorts I've counseled a lot of people and helped them heal through various life crisis. However being a leader among men as Brother John told me a while back where does one go when the leader needs counseling?

Awhile back I lost a pregnancy. I thought I had dealt with it and accepted it as a fact of life. Yesterday I really had a set back and I found a lot of pain I had simply shoved into a dark spot apparently. I posted in my journal about the experience and I'm not looking for any "oh you poor thing" or anything. I guess I'm just looking for some guidance. I don't see a whole lot in the temple archives about pregnancy and new life so I was just hoping to talk to some people about it. Perhaps that way I can ease my own grief that I have not dealt with. I have told no one outside of course my husband, my sister and this journal about the ordeal. It is not something I wish to share with my family, not because it is too hard to deal with but that they will not leave me alone about it.

So that is my choice but yesterday when my boss who treats his employee's like wage slaves (and I'm not embellishing) got on me about its time in my life to have some kids. I got really choked up. He said a lot of other hurtful things yesterday and it all kinda came crashing down. Yesterday was hard. I thought I was a stronger person, but apparently I am not.

Thank you for any and all help.
May the force always be with you,

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I think one in four pregancies end that way... It's just a fact of life really, and in many ways, a safety feature. a miscarriage occurs when "something is wrong".... and prevents the creation of a living breathing thing that would suffer from severe deformation or other physiological issues. There is no point in giving life to someone who will never have the opportunity to enjoy it.

As to that employer of yours... Two things:
-Your private life is none of that individual's business.
-Employers normally hate it when female employees want to have kids. Either they want you out or they are trying to find out if you want kids.

Another possibility is that your boss has religious/social beliefs that at your age you should be having kids. But I've never met people like this so I can't tell.

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09 Mar 2012 01:01 #52843 by RyuJin
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ren's right...the employer has no business with your personal life other then just being nosy...

i've always viewed having children as : if it's meant to be, it'll happen...

i wouldn't mind having kids, but if i don't find "the one" i'm not going to dwell on it either...everything happens as it should...

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